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“I’m happy I’m getting old”: 69-Year-Old Jackie Chan Can Feel His Body Is Getting Worse Everyday Yet Refuses To Bust His As* in Training

69-Year-Old Jackie Chan Can Feel His Body Is Getting Worse Everyday Yet Refuses To Bust His As* in Training

When we talk about old-school action films, many would think back to the time when Hong Kong martial arts films were at their peak popularity, and in that genre, the name Jackie Chan was one of the most dominant in the industry. To this day, the star is respected for his contributions to the film industry and for inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

And now, as the star gets closer and closer to old age, he seems to be enjoying the journey nonetheless. In a past interview, the star talked about how getting old is kind of refreshing for him and how he wishes to enjoy that journey, yet he still doesn’t compromise with his training, which still allows him to do action sequences like time hasn’t passed at all.

Jackie Chan Says Growing Older Is Joyful In Its Own Unique Way

Jackie Chan in his younger days
Jackie Chan in his younger days

While he may still be as fly as ever with his martial arts, there’s no denying that legendary action star Jackie Chan is getting older with each passing day, which also entails with it all the symptoms of old age. And still, we see the star all the time, either in major Hollywood flicks or in the films produced in his home city of Hong Kong. The reason for this is because of his unrelenting nature towards his training which still allows him to perform stunts like he was a spry young man.

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In a past interview, The Forbidden Kingdom star talked about his then-upcoming film, when the host asked him how he was still doing his stunts himself in that movie. There, he revealed that he would go around assuring people that this was his last major film that would include him doing the crazy action he’s known for all around the world. When asked why that was the reason, he repeated that he was getting old, and his movement was getting stiff due to his old age. He talked about this on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, saying:

“Especially in the morning, I get up, you know, the knees, the ankles, the shoulder, you have to move like a few hours, it makes you feel good, otherwise, it’s just very stiff. You know, I am happy, I am happy I am getting old.”

Looking at his illustrious career, everyone believes that he deserves a well-timed rest, something that he tries to follow every day.

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What’s Next For Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan in a still from Ride On
Jackie Chan in a still from Ride On

While he may have taken it slow with his action flicks in recent times, he still hasn’t put a complete stop to his career, nor to the action films he’s famous for. This year we saw the star alongside John Cena in their action comedy film Hidden Strike, where we saw Chan doing all those stunts that he is known for.

Along with that, we also saw him in the Drama Comedy film Ride On where he showcased his skills with an emotional subject at its core. Along with this, there are rumors that he will be reprising his most iconic role as Lee alongside Chirs Tucker in the rumored Rush Hour 4. 

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