“I’m investing in making sure I have those facilities”: Henry Cavill Making His Own Gym Like Dwayne Johnson’s Iron Paradise?

Henry Cavill Making His Own Gym Like Dwayne Johnson's Iron Paradise?
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Portraying the role of humongous superheroes in renowned movies and shows, Henry Cavill often discussed his diet secret and fitness regime. Maintaining superhero shape year-round isn’t always easy, but Cavill appears to be doing it with tranquility. Continuing to build strength and stamina, the actor shared a few training philosophies during a Q&A session with Bodybuilding.com

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

The actor purposefully revealed his intense training sessions despite hectic filming schedules. Extremely driven by fitness, Henry Cavill even mentioned building his own gym like Dwayne Johnson. While eating and training religiously, Cavill expressed his passion for building his own fitness structure similar to Johnson’s gym. 

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Henry Cavill Wants A Fitness Facility For Himself

Henry Cavill might no longer be leaping over tall buildings like he did while playing DC’s Superman, but there is no arguing that he certainly looks like the man of steel. It is no secret that Henry Cavill is quite serious about his fitness regime. The British actor previously underwent grueling training regimes for months to get into shape for his role as Superman and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher

Henry Cavill
Cavill’s intense workout session

However, since going to public gyms often gets him unwanted attention, Henry Cavill expressed his desire to build a fitness facility for his personal use. Sitting for a Q&A interview with Bodybuilding.com, the actor spoke about his training philosophies.

He mentioned, “I have gone through peaks and troughs in my physicality, depending on how hard a job has been, how much physical work I’ve put into it… and not having access to the same facilities to train in,” Thus, discussing his issues, Cavill expressed his idea of building a facility. 

Henry Cavill
Cavill wishes for his own fitness facility

One of the big things now is that I’m investing in making sure I have those facilities always available to me” Henry Cavill stated. 

Expressing his desires, the British actor reminded fans of another actor who built his own gym for reasons similar to Cavill’s. It’s none other than the former’s WWE star Dwayne Johnson. 

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Henry Cavill’s Idea Sounds Familiar To Dwayne Johnson’s 

Evidently, Henry Cavill’s idea sounded familiar to that of Dwayne Johnson’s home gym fitness mecca, the “Iron Paradise”. Willing to create an ideal gym at his own house with “a large space, with all the necessary equipment” Cavill gave his fans the synonyms approach to that of Johnson’s gym. Considering himself “better at everything”, the actor stated his confidence. 

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill’s gym idea sounded familiar to Dwayne Johnson’s

It’s been 10 years [since Man of Steel], so I think I’m more experienced now and have more in the way of experienced muscle.” Henry Cavill stated. 

When it comes to fitness training Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill are both pretty intense. Thus, having a similar background that draws public attention, both stars realize the necessity of training in their own facilities. Thus, just like Johnson, even The Witcher actor decided upon his own fitness facility. 

Henry Cavill
Cavill discusses his fitness routine

Further, discussing how his training “depends on what I’m trying to achieve,” Cavill broke down his training schedule. “I will request to my trainer to program things differently.” the actor stated. He further added, “I’d be training four times a week instead of six and, on the fourth day, a really simple arm and shoulder workout.” 

Giving advice to his younger self, “Find someone who knows what they’re talking about and listen to them”, Cavill further went forward with the Q&A session. And it’s no wonder that Henry Cavill’s hard work is replicated in his physicality. 


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Source: Bodybuilding.com

Henry Cavill's Training Secrets


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