“I’m just giving America what it wants to see”: Bryan Cranston on Why He Always Takes His Pants Off in Shows

Bryan Cranston on Why He Always Takes His Pants Off in Shows
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Hollywood actor Bryan Cranston is one of the most talented and powerful actors in the industry. Having worked in films for many decades, Cranston’s breakthrough as a recognized face came with his role as Hal in the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. He was later catapulted to the big leagues with his award winning portrayal of Walter White, a drug selling high school teacher in Breaking Bad, a show that gave the actor cult status.

Bryan Cranston
Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston

Cranston is also known to have a witty take on many subjects. As a fun promotional venture, the Golden Globe winner teamed up with British GQ magazine for a show titled Actually Me in which he went undercover by creating social media accounts and responded to entertaining questions posed by the public.

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Why Are Bryan Cranston’s Pants Always Off?

A few years ago, award winning actor Bryan Cranston took part in an entertaining social experiment in association with British GQ titled Actually Me. As part of the activity, the Trumbo star created various accounts on social media in an effort to answer some burning questions that viewers had about him and his characters on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora. Cranston, known for his witty replies, gave a smart and funny answer to one viewer who wondered why his characters in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad always had their pants off. To quote the Emmy winner,

“You know, I gave up on that long time ago and I’m just giving America what it wants to see, apparently.”

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston’s Breaking Bad character Walter White was seen with his pants off on numerous occasions.

Jokes aside, Cranston also went on to give some invaluable insight into how he developed his iconic character Walter White in Breaking Bad which included the actor emulating his father’s physical gait and voice to play an older man.

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Bryan Cranston Will Work With Allison Janney In His Next Film

After some memorable acting performances that got him recognized, Bryan Cranston’s next project will be with another talented Hollywood actor Allison Janney. The Breaking Bad star and The West Wing actor will co-star in Scottish director Jon S. Baird’s Everything Is Going To Be Great. Baird is known for his critically acclaimed films Tetris and Stan and Ollie. According to one of the film’s representatives,

“Everything Is Going to Be Great is a valentine to big dreamers whose dreams won’t necessarily come true. It’s about individuality vs. conformity, fantasy vs. reality; but mostly, it’s about family.”

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston and Allison Janet will star together in Everything is Going to be Great

The project went into production a couple of months ago in Canada. With Bryan Cranston’s reputation as a powerhouse performer and Allison Janney’s equally impressive record, fans of both stars will be eager to see them feed off each other on screen.

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