“I’m just going to have to do the dumbest thing ever”: Emilia Clarke Confesses Her True Feelings About Secret Invasion as Samuel L. Jackson $212M Marvel Show Scores Worst Ever Rating

Emilia Clarke Confesses Her True Feelings About Secret Invasion as Samuel L. Jackson $212M Marvel Show Scores Worst Ever Rating
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The Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke starring MCU series Secret Invasion had a great start with its initial episodes. Following Nick Fury and Talos as they uncover the truth behind the shapeshifting Skrulls trying to take over the Earth, the series marks Clarke’s debut in the MCU as G’iah, who ends up being one of the most powerful superheroes in the cinematic universe. However, the show has slowly gone down a slope since its release.

Samuel L Jackson as Director Nick Fury in a still from Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion

The actress recently sat down with Marvel and shared her experience working on the series, saying that she had the most fun filming the final fight sequence of the series.

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Emilia Clarke Had Fun Filming Her MCU Fight Sequence

Emilia Clarke starred in the Disney+ series Secret Invasion as G’iah, a devoted follower of Gravik and supporting his plans to invade the Earth. However, by the series finale, she ends up standing against him and fights the Skrull General with the powers of 22 popular MCU superheroes.

G'iah in Secret Invasion finale
G’iah in the Secret Invasion finale

During her recent interview with Marvel, the actress opened up about becoming one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. The Game of Thrones star shared that she had the most fun filming the final showdown between G’iah and Gravik. She shared that she was put on wires for the scene, as she called the scene her “favorite” part. Further talking about her superhero pose, she said,

“You’re like, well, I actually can’t fly. And I’m not attached to the wires right now, so I’m just going to have to do the dumbest thing ever and just look really mean.”

Emilia Clarke as G'iah
Emilia Clarke as G’iah

While there were some things that she was quite excited about and some of the things she found dumb, Clarke claims that it was her best day filming the show. And it would be interesting to see if the actress would reprise her character in future Marvel projects to join the Avengers against Kang the Conqueror.


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Secret Invasion Finale Records Worst Ratings

The Samuel L. Jackson starrer has constantly received low to average ratings throughout the show. However, its finale has not been received very well, as fans claimed that the studio rushed to wrap off the story in the limited six-episode series.

Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion
Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion

The final episode of the series initially had 11% ratings, which has gone down to 8% as of 30 July 2023. Having 8% ratings, the series finale has become the lowest-rated title from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It holds a rotten status on the review aggregator platform Rotten Tomatoes, having a 56% critic score.


The audience also doesn’t seem too impressed and has given it a 57% audience score. Considering its mixed reviews, many have speculated that the series would have a second season. While the studio has not released any official statement, there have been assumptions that the studio could continue future projects with Emilia Clarke’s character, G’iah.

Secret Invasion is streaming on Disney+

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