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“I’m kind of surprised”: Tom Cruise Choosing to Protect His Stardom Over Promoting Controversial Scientology Catches His Director Off Guard

"I’m kind of surprised": Tom Cruise Choosing to Protect His Stardom Over Promoting Controversial Scientology Catches His Director Off Guard

Tom Cruise constantly seems to be in controversial headlines about his religious beliefs. The actor is a Scientologist and used to be a very vocal supporter of the Church of Scientology. But in recent years, he has been rather low-key about any involvement with the organization. Cruise had been a very strong advocate of his beliefs and this led to some uncomfortable stories being revealed.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Tom Cruise in Top Gun

The Church of Scientology is a group of interconnected corporate entities and other organizations devoted to the practice, administration, and dissemination of Scientology, which is variously defined as a cult, a business, or a new religious movement. The Top Gun actor has very publically aligned himself with the movement.

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Alex Gibney Wanted “Reckoning” for Tom Cruise

Alex Gibney is the director of Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (2015). In the film, Gibney interviewed former members of the Church of Scientology and revealed the abuse and the strange practices within the cult organization. The film was strongly denounced by the organization upon its release.

HBO's 'Going Clear' profiles former Scientologists
Alex Gibney

In a conversation with Rolling Stone, Gibney was asked about Tom Cruise and his involvement with the Church of Scientology. The director explained that Cruise isn’t such a strong advocate for it anymore, because his stardom is too important for him.

Since Cruise has taken a step back in recent years, there haven’t been many controversial stories or rumors. However, Gibney admitted that he was surprised the actor didn’t face consequences even for his prior involvement.

“And I’m kind of surprised. I think he took a step away, so he’s not the kind of ambassador for Scientology that he used to be — not like he was back in the day when he was making [2005] War of the Worlds and had a Scientology tent on the set.”

“Being a star is super important to him,” he continued. “I agree, there hasn’t been any reckoning for him. It’s surprised me.”

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Tom Cruise Linked to Religious Cult

According to a story covered by Vanity Fair, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige was given the task of finding an appropriate girlfriend for Cruise. They held auditions where the applicants were asked extremely personal details about their lives and were forced to answer the odd questions. The actresses were misled into believing that it was a film audition.

Nazanin Boniadi was with Tom Cruise for a short time
Nazanin Boniadi

Nazanin Boniadi had been chosen after the audition, and reportedly she was “forced to reveal everything about her including every detail of her s*x life”. The Homeland actress was also instructed to make changes to her appearance, get rid of her braces, and even break up with her former boyfriend. Boniadi was also made to sign multiple confidentiality agreements, but the pair eventually called it quits in 2005.

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