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“I’m like a pharmacy”: Jean-Claude Van Damme, 62, Takes ‘Lots of Good Products’ To Keep Doing Spin-Kicks and Splits in Movies

Jean-Claude Van Damme, 62, Takes 'Lots of Good Products' To Keep Doing Spin-Kicks and Splits in Movies

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been working as a legendary actor in Hollywood for as long as fans can remember. Whether it was his feuds or his skills as a fighter and an actor, there was no doubt that his fanbase is one that stands strong even now. After years of working in the industry, age can strike anyone. Van Damme is no different.

Van Damme couldn't have anyone upstage him
Jean-Claude Van Damme

With the experience that he has, doing stuntwork must have been child play for him. Years upon years of training helped him become who he is today and so it takes an extra set of effort to maintain that physique. Age strikes without warning and if not well prepared, limitations can occur. Van Damme knew of that and also admitted that he kept it in mind when it came to doing his own stunts.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Secret To Still Doing His Own Stunts

Jean-Claude Van Damme has done his own stunts for the majority of his career. However, with age, this frequency also decreased. When asked about whether or not he is still able to do his iconic stunts, the actor admitted that a lot of it has to do with regular care.

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme

“I’m stretching all the time, like a cat. So right now I’m doing very well. I’m also taking lots of good products — dried fruits and ribose — I’m like a pharmacy!”

According to Van Damme, he keeps his diet top-notch to make sure he does not lose his ability to do most of his stunts. From dried fruits to supplements, he does not hesitate before making every best decision for his body. To maintain his physique at the age of 62, he has a lot of things to keep in mind. He jokingly even compared himself to a pharmacy because of how many supplements he relies on.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme Relies on His Elevator To Exercise

Jean-Claude Van Damme did not take aging lightly. He made sure he stretched enough at least three times a week so that his body did not lose its touch. Exercise aside, he put emphasis on stretching, even adding that stretching did not always have to be done in the gym. One example he gave was peculiar.

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme

“I’m stretching three times a week. The most important thing in life is to stretch, because muscles can grow and disappear depending on the consistency of your routine. Stretching has to be consistent, and not even in a gym. You can do it anywhere, in the right stretchy way, although it’s a little more strange to look at. In Hong Kong I live on the 75th floor and it takes about a minute to get up there. So in the elevator, I squat down and slowly come back to my maximum while stretching over the course of the minute.”

He admitted that his Honk Kong house’s elevator was exactly what he needed to stretch on a daily basis. He would do squats for the entire duration of his ride going up and down from his house and it would be around one minute because he lived on the 75th floor. This worked for him because it kept his body’s movements smooth.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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