“I’m not a f*cking cinephile, I’m not a snob”: Joaquin Phoenix May Not Agree With Martin Scorsese Over His Brutal Criticism For Marvel Movies

"I'm not a f*cking cinephile, I'm not a snob": Joaquin Phoenix May Not Agree With Martin Scorsese Over His Brutal Criticism For Marvel Movies
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Joaquin Phoenix, currently filming for Ridley Scott’s upcoming 2023 historical drama Napoleon, has made quite a position in the entertainment industry. Apart from featuring in dramas, the actor has also made an impact following his Oscar-winning role in DC’s Joker. But apparently, it’s not the only superhero movie he intended to do.

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix

Apparently, Joaquin Phoenix was previously eyed for the role of MCU’s Sorcerer Supreme in 2016’s Doctor Strange. But unfortunately, he had to turn it down for personal reasons. Now, years later, Phoenix took a stand for superhero movies, while reflecting upon his 2016 rejection, and seemingly disagreeing with Martin Scorsese’s brutal comments against Marvel movies. 

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Joaquin Phoenix Took A Stand For Superhero Films 

Way before Joaquin Phoenix appeared in DC’s 2019 standalone movie, Joker, which won him an Oscar, the actor was eyed for the role of MCU’s Doctor Strange in 2016. Before the titular superhero role went to the English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Phoenix was the leading choice for the comic-book role. However, the actor turned down the opportunity due to personal reasons. 

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker
Joaquin Phoenix in DC’s Joker

Years later in 2018, Joaquin Phoenix discussed his opinion on superhero movies, while clarifying any misunderstanding surrounding his rejection of the infamous MCU role. Discussing with Cinemablend, the actor mentioned his appreciation of superhero films. Claiming how he believes that MCU and DC movies can entertain audiences, Phoenix mentioned, 

I think they make some great, fun movies. There’s nothing wrong… I’m not a f*cking, like, cinephile. I’m not a snob and I’m totally fine with… I enjoy those movies sometimes, and I think they keep the f*cking industry going in some ways, so I don’t have a problem with it at all.” 

Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix stood in favor of superhero movies

Further, stating how he has been trying to answer diplomatically, Joaquin Phoenix clarified that his MCU rejection turned out to be totally fine, for Benedict Cumberbatch did a phenomenal job.


I’m trying to figure out how to say this most diplomatically, okay… I think everybody was really happy with how things turned out. All parties were satisfied.” 

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Martin Scorsese’s Brutal Comments On Marvel Movies 

Finally, Joaquin Phoenix’s comments on superhero flicks bring us to the point where Martin Scorsese gave his opinion on Marvel movies. During his interview with The New York Times, the acclaimed filmmaker discussed some of his brutal opinions on superhero flicks, as he previously discussed during another interview. 

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese made brutal comments on Marvel movies

I was asked a question about Marvel movies. I answered it. I said that I’ve tried to watch a few of them and that they’re not for me, that they seem to me to be closer to theme parks than they are to movies as I’ve known and loved them throughout my life, and that in the end, I don’t think they’re cinema.” 

Following his comments, fans straight away believed that Scorsese was simply insulting Marvel movies. However, The Irishman director denied any “evidence of hatred for Marvel” on his end. Martin Scorsese thereafter mentioned how he had been simply trying to give his opinion, but instead got framed by fans. 

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese’s comments offended Marvel fans

Some people seem to have seized on the last part of my answer as insulting, or as evidence of hatred for Marvel on my part. If anyone is intent on characterizing my words in that light, there’s nothing I can do to stand in the way.”

But in the end, while Martin Scorsese’s comments shook the internet, Joaquin Phoenix’s opinions on superhero movies got him genuine appreciation from fans. And certainly, the actor seems he might disagree with the director’s brutal take on Marvel movies. 

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Source: The New York Times, Cinemablend


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