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“I’m not gonna stoop to that level”: Ryan Reynolds Claps Back at Hugh Jackman After Wolverine Star Begs The Academy to Not Nominate Deadpool 3 Co-Star

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been friends for a long time. The two have been engaged in banter for quite a while as they hurl insults and abuses at each other. When Hugh Jackman commented on The Adam Project actor’s potential Oscar nomination, the Deadpool actor had a perfect reply.

When Hugh Jackman dissed the 6 Underground actor about a potential Oscar nomination, Ryan Reynolds simply commented that he will not stoop to that level. With a surprisingly mature reply, the Free Guy actor complimented Hugh Jackman and submitted Jackman for consideration rather than himself.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been friends for a long time.
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been friends for a long time.

Ryan Reynolds’ Reply To Hugh Jackman’s Oscar Comment

The Green Lantern actor and Will Ferrell starred in a Christmas musical back in November 2022. The film titled Spirited featured a number of songs and was shortlisted for an Oscar consideration. One of the song’s Good Afternoon (sung by Reynolds himself) was nominated for an Oscar consideration, which Hugh Jackman clearly did not like.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds make fun of each other.
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds make fun of each other.

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Talking about having to spend several months with Reynolds on the sets of Deadpool 3, Hugh Jackman revealed that it would be insufferable if Reynolds was given the chance to win.

“I was like, ’I have to be on a set for months with this, man. And if he gets nominated for Best Song– if he gets validated in any way as a singer, I am never going to actually get through one day, let alone three months. So for the love of god, I know The nominations close tomorrow, please, please, I love Will Farrell… Please don’t validate him. That’s all I’m asking.”

Ryan Reynolds, in a surprising turn of events, tuned into Good Morning America and gave a very mature reply to Jackman’s comments.

“I’m not gonna stoop to that level … I’m gonna say right now, I loved Hugh’s performance in ‘The Son.’ There’s zero sarcasm here. It’s literally one of the best of his entire career, and his career is very impressive already. So I humbly submit Hugh for your consideration. OK.”

Being all mature and candid, Ryan Reynolds could not bear to keep a straight smile as he further commented on Hugh Jackman’s ability to name a movie.


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Ryan Reynolds Eventually Makes Fun of Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

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Ryan Reynolds (being Reynolds) eventually made fun of Hugh Jackman. With their upcoming movie Deadpool 3 where Hugh Jackman will star as Wolverine, the topic of naming the film came to light. According to Ryan Reynolds, the Les Misérables actor wanted to name the movie “Wolverine and Deadpool”. Here’s what the Red Notice actor had to say in reply.

“‘Wolverine and Deadpool,’ who is he kidding? Not on your life, Chappie.”

Referencing Hugh Jackman’s 2014 movie called Chappie, Reynolds quickly shut him up. The duo will share the screen when Deadpool 3 will release in theaters on 8th November 2024 in the U.S. As for Ryan Reynolds’ Oscar-worthy performance, Spirited is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Source: Good Morning America

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