“I’m not so much into cardio”: Aubrey Plaza Reveals Secret Workout Routine That Transformed Her Into a S*x Symbol in The White Lotus From Goth April Ludgate

Aubrey Plaza Reveals Secret Workout Routine That Transformed Her Into a S*x Symbol in The White Lotus From Goth April Ludgate
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Generally, the Hollywood industry and the public know Aubrey Plaza as the witty and fun comic that we all love and adore. her comedic talent was very well known in the role of April Ludgate in NBC’s sitcom series Parks And Recreation. in the series, she plays the role of your typical everyday goth girl, who just like any other, is opposed to physical contact and has a darker outlook on society as a whole, and the show tries their level best to put her into awkward situations for that cringe comedy.

Aubrey Plaza along with the cast of Parks And Recreation

But in real life, fans are mesmerized by her not just because of her talent to perform on camera, but also due to her amazing looks. Known in the industry for her beauty on par with the best, Plaza has been the center of conversation among fans and members of the industry as well, and with her recent appearance in HBO’s latest original The White Lotus, she has yet again become the center of attraction, and this time, she has pulled out the big guns!

Aubrey Plaza Turned Her Body Into A Bombshell In The White Lotus!

Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus
Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus

Even before her performance in The White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza was known as one of the hidden gems of the glamourous Hollywood industry. But now, she has turned herself into a bombshell with her recent performance as Harper in the show, she has given another reason for the world to drool over her. As we saw Harper basking in the sun on the resort, fans were awestruck to see Plaza’s extremely fit and toned body.


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With the Dirty Grandpa actor showing off that stunning body in the show, fans have been dying to know what’s the secret that got her in that shape and how is she maintaining it. Aubrey Plaza revealed that she has always been into staying fit and looking her absolute best for a long time now, and the show became the medium through which she could show her progress. She also revealed that apart from keeping a strict diet, she also does exercises that help her along the way, also revealing that she is a big fan of yoga. She said:

“Wellness, to me, is: Being conscious of what you’re putting into your body and on your body, and taking care of yourself. I love yoga — that’s probably my favorite exercise because I’m not so much into cardio.”

Well her efforts have certainly paid off as she rocks that smoking physique and also becomes an inspiration to others who seek such a body for themselves.


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What Is The White Lotus?

Mike White's The White Lotus
The White Lotus

Conveniently titled with the phrase ‘Paradise Is No Vacation,’ the show focuses on the guests that reside in the White Lotus Resort as they try to spend their vacation days in the lap of comfort and tranquility. But most often than not, these guests find themselves tangled in some comedic instances that make you laugh out loud, along with drama that grips you from the get-go and glues to your seat. This perfect mixture has led to the show’s commercial and critical success.

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The White Lotus, now streaming on HBO Max

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