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‘I’m OK With It Not Happening’: Taika Waititi Couldn’t Care Less if Rumoured Creative Differences With Disney Ends His Star Wars Project

Things are blowing as constant hits when Taika Waititi joined the blockbuster ranks with Thor: Ragnarok, followed by coming-of-age stories like Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and the appreciation for his creative style has been growing bigger since then. After Ragnarok, the director achieved an Oscar for Jojo Rabbit, and hardly managed to enjoy that success before shooting the upcoming comedy piece Next Goal Wins, then co-wrote Thor: Love and Thunder.

Taika Waititi talks about upcoming new projects
Taika Waititi talks about upcoming new projects

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Recent classical blockbuster shows the director’s positive ideas, which remains an example in Hollywood. In an interview with IndieWire, Taika Waititi talked about how he proceeds to face that challenge, the personal extents of his work, and how he feels about the danger of being overexposed.

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Taika Waititi Isn’t Worried That His Star Wars Movie Might Get Down

Thor Love and Thunder director talked about Star Wars project
Thor Love and Thunder director talked about Star Wars project

When the interviewer asked about, the Star Wars movie, and said that a lot of directors have had problems with new projects there due to creative controversies with the studio, and asked about his game plan. The director answered:

“I tend to go into these things as open-minded as possible. Not to speak for anyone else, but in this case, I just made sure I wasn’t going in with stories of all these past experiences in my head that could form my relationship with a studio.”

“I obviously didn’t invent Thor or make the first two films. I’m not going to just assume that I’m going to rearrange the system, shake it up, and teach them how to make movies. And that’s why it worked out. If you assume you’re going to get screwed over, it’s going to sour the relationship from the start.”

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Taika Waititi revealed about his strategy for new projects
Taika Waititi revealed about his strategy for new projects

They also asked whether Taika Waititi worries about getting overexposed with all the projects he is doing these days on both sides of the camera. He answered:

“I kind of like the feeling of having dodged a bullet, because I do want to be involved in all of these things, and I don’t have to direct everything my name is attached to. I’m helping in whatever way I can. A lot of these things are not really that much work. I’m only really using a big part of my brain on a few things.”


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Written by Shreeparna Das