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“I’m only lifting weights 3 times a week”: Hugh Jackman is Struggling to Get Wolverine Physique at 54, Admits Training For Deadpool 3 is a Lot Harder than X-Men Movies

Hugh Jackman is Struggling to Get Wolverine Physique at 54, Admits Training For Deadpool 3 is a Lot Harder than X-Men Movies

Surely many have read or heard about how to play the role of Wolverine, Hugh Jackman had to dedicate almost two decades of his career to living like a warrior going to battle. Known for his insane physique in all the projects in which he has starred as Logan, he would have to keep a strict workout schedule that would be comparable to athletes and a diet plan to along with it. And to everyone’s surprise, he was able to overcome those challenges with a grin.

Hugh Jackman establishes the ideal 21st century Marvel superhero
Hugh Jackman established the ideal 21st-century Marvel superhero

But now, after hanging the claws back in 2017 in Logan, the star is back to hack at the big screen with the same ferocity in the upcoming Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynold’s debut into the MCU as the motormouth mercenary. Although, as Jackman’s age advances with each passing year, so naturally comes to the adversities connected with it. At the age of 54, he now feels respect for his younger self to put up with being Wolverine as he admits that it is not as simple now.

Hugh Jackman Admits That Advancing Age Has Made Staying Wolverine A Little Harder

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

If any superstar is to blame for the requirements of an actor to look like a greek god to play a superhero character, then the top spot has to be given to Hugh Jackman and his portrayal of Wolverine. Slicing his way into the superhero movies, his depiction of Logan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine set the bar for superhero physiques as high as the success of the X-Men franchise which he has been a part of for so many years.

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But now, it seems like The Greatest Showman star has realized that the bar has become too high for him to clear too as he gets into shape to reprise his role as the mutant in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Jackman, who turned 54 this year, was invited to The Empire Film Podcast, where he shared some upcoming details of the MCU film along with answering questions from the interviewer. When he was asked how the training was going with his busy schedule, he said:

“I’m doing eight shows a week right now, so I’m only lifting weights three times a week, But I’ll be getting into it once or twice a day as soon as this is done in a month, and I’ll have six months to prep, and I always have the same approach every time I go in.

The shows that have been keeping Jackman so preoccupied are his performances on Broadway for his show The Music Man. He revealed that he wanted to be in his best shape ever, to which he said he will thoroughly commit to training as soon as the show ends.

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What To Expect From Wolverine In Deadpool 3?

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman announcing the return of Wolverine in Deadpool 3.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman announcing the return of Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Fans are excited to see the return of the X-Men in the MCU, and even more excited by the fact that the first two that will be introduced will be none other than Deadpool and Wolverine. It had been revealed to Reynolds earlier that the film would see Jackman before the events of 2017’s Logan, and Jackman revealed that the movie will keep the dynamics of X-Men Origins: Wolverine between the two superhumans. So we can expect some gut-clenching action and a lot of witty humor from the film for sure

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Deadpool 3, in cinemas on 8th November 2024

Source: The Empire Film Podcast

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