“I’m out of your league, cowboy”: Sharon Stone Revealed Whether She Actually Humiliated Actor after $352M Movie Success

Sharon Stone Revealed Whether She Actually Humiliated Actor after $352M Movie Success
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Sharon Stone was one of the most well-known actresses in the 1990s and is now just as gorgeous as when she first debuted in Hollywood. Despite having such an iconic role, the actress, as well as her most well-known movie, Basic Instinct faced quite a controversy. However, when looking back to it now, many can easily deem it to be a cult classic film.

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

The actress has always managed to keep the spotlight on her through one means or another and she is not someone who would shy away from standing up for herself. Looking back, the actress has had a lot of things said about her in the media that are not true. One such incident was clarified by the actress during an interview with David Letterman.

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Did Sharon Stone Brutally Reject Someone At A Club?

During this interview with David Letterman, Sharon Stone talked about an aspect of fame that many celebrities grow accustomed to, rumors. The actress revealed that she would, very often read articles in the newspaper about herself and this alternate life that she was leading that was not true. She added that she would entertain herself with the things they would write as they were some of the most random, false things.

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

“I read a lot of stuff in the paper, every day now about this other life I’ve never known.” She went on, “I saw one the other day that said that this actor had come up to me in a club and given me his phone number and I ripped it up, thrown it on the ground, and said, ‘ I’m out of your league, cowboy.'” she said and then was asked if this actually happened, to which she said, “No, but it is a funny story,”

She used an example of one such thing, where it was published that she had harshly rejected someone at a club when they offered her their number on a piece of paper by tearing the paper up and telling them that they had absolutely no chance with this. This was obviously not true but the actress laughed at the creativity of their sources.

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Sharon Stone Talked About Rumors Surrounding Basic Instinct

After talking about this particular instance, the actress also acknowledged a rumor that was going around about her movie, Basic Instinct, which she was doing press for at the time. She revealed that she had read another such article which was regarding something going wrong during the filming of the intimate scenes in the movie.

Sharon Stone in the interrogation scene in Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

“I read in another one of these rags that ‘it was so steamy that it turned into a 400-person o*gy but Ms. Stone was so worked up that she had to go to a trailer.'” She added, “How come I get worked up and go to my trailer?”

The actress clarified that this was most certainly not true and joked that she would herself be asked to go back to her trailer if this were the case. She then went on to explain the reality of filming scenes like this, saying that it was, in fact, extremely awkward and stressful for her and not as fun as many would think.

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