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“I’m quite a shy person”: Johnny Depp Gets Inspired by Tom Cruise, Reveals Why He Left Hollywood After Amber Heard Drama to Settle in £13M Somerset Estate

“I’m quite a shy person”: Johnny Depp Gets Inspired by Tom Cruise, Reveals Why He Left Hollywood After Amber Heard Drama to Settle in £13M Somerset Estate

Johnny Depp has taken a step back from being in the limelight. The star who spent most of last year dealing with a public lawsuit involving his ex-wife Amber Heard is now said to have moved on from this tumultuous period to get back to his creative pursuits. When he isn’t working, The Sleepy Hollow star has maintained a very low profile in the Somerset countryside in a mansion that he bought in 2014. This 19th-century property built on an 850-acre estate is Depp’s home away from home and a retreat from the chaos of public life. The Edward Scissorhands star made a rare exemption for Somerset Life, a local lifestyle magazine to talk about architecture and living.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp Craves The Quiet Life

Actor Johnny Depp who is currently enjoying downtime in his countryside house in Somerset took Somerset Life on a tour of his European-style mansion which has a mammoth 12 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Talking about the perfect balance between public life and privacy that the countryside offers, Depp said,

“In truth, I’m quite a shy person. That’s one of the great things about Britain, and especially Somerset. I can just be me – and that’s nice. I can go into shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies”.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp’s mansion in Somerset, England

Depp also lauded the British people for being cordial and friendly yet never overbearing or intrusive towards him. The Tourist star purchased this property while he was engaged to Amber Heard and seems to be using it to heal from his personal wounds. While Depp has maintained a very private front, it looks like the star is more than willing to talk about his expansive holiday home.

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Johnny Depp Indulges In Some Antique Shopping.

Johnny Depp is currently enjoying solo time in his massive countryside mansion in Somerset. The Pirates of the Caribbean star who had a long-drawn-out divorce from Amber Heard is now getting away from the public glare to find some peace. Apart from the various activities that England has to offer, antique shopping, in particular, has caught Depp’s eye.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp visited the Hemswell Antique store in Lincolnshire, England

Earlier in the month, Depp was seen at Hemswell antique store in Lincolnshire, where he arrived by helicopter and was taken on a private tour. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor spent a successful few hours at the store where he bought three guitars, a skull-encrusted vase, and an easel during his visit. Depp also indulged in some decorative items for the mansion. The owner of the store Robert Miller reported that he was informed of a special guest’s visit but was instructed not to reveal Depp’s identity as the star wanted to relax without drawing any attention to himself.

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