“I’m ready to fight”: Kristen Stewart Broke Silence After Jennifer Lawrence Tried to Steal Her Twilight Role With Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Broke Silence After Jennifer Lawrence Tried to Steal Her Twilight Role With Robert Pattinson
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The young-adult dystopian genre rose to popularity in the early 2010s, and among the fan-favorite fandoms include Kristen Stewart’s Twilight and Jennifer Lawrence’s The Hunger Games. Although they led different franchises, they both tried for the same role.

Jennifer Lawrence 1
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

Fans may not know that Lawrence auditioned for the part of Bella Swan in the Twilight film, a role that eventually went to Stewart. The actress was so insistent on getting the part because of its popularity among the audiences.

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Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want To Share Bella Swan With Jennifer Lawrence Who Auditioned For The Role

Speaking on The Rewatchables podcast, American Hustle star Jennifer Lawrence revealed how her audition for the Twilight role went:

I auditioned for Twilight. They turned me down immediately. I didn’t even get a call-back.”

Had she snagged the coveted role, Lawrence’s life and career would have been different. Her biggest break came a year after when she played the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Despite the fame and success, Lawrence admitted she initially didn’t want to take on the project:

I almost didn’t do Hunger Games because Twilight had come out, and that fandom had happened. When I was trying to talk to people about making this decision after they offered it to me, I was just like, ‘I don’t know.’ It was so hard to explain to people, like, I don’t think you understand this level of fame.”

Twilight Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart in Twilight

Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, feels very protective of Bella Swan, especially when people criticize her for being shallow. The actress also admitted some sense of ownership to the character, especially after Lawrence revealed she tried to steal the role in the past. She told The Virginian Pilot:


This is a challenging and great role, and I’m so in awe of the writing and the novels. I feel very protective of Bella. I feel she belongs to me, as well as to Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the books. If anyone says she is superficial or silly, I’m ready to fight. I know this is a great character and a great role.”

On the contrary, Lawrence confessed that she never wanted to become the most popular celebrity in the room. The level of fame that both Twilight and The Hunger Games achieved is more than what she ever hoped for. The Red Sparrow star believes that she would have been “miserable” if she did end up bagging the Twilight role.

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What’s The Tea Between Kristen Stewart And Jennifer Lawrence?

It seems that this rumored feud between Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart stems even deeper than the controversial Bella Swan role. A source revealed to Koimoi that the Charlie’s Angels star feels a bit of bitterness towards Lawrence:


Seeing Jennifer being worshipped on the red carpet, winning a Golden Globe, and getting nominated for Oscars has really gotten to [Kristen].”

Jennifer Lawrence 3
Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence, on the other hand, shares she never felt envious of Stewart’s fame. She told Glamour UK (via US Weekly):

I look at Kristen Stewart now, and I think, ‘I’d never want to be that famous.’ I can’t imagine how I’d feel if all of a sudden my life was pandemonium.”

The No Hard Feelings actress says she enjoys doing her job, gets plenty of rest, and has more than enough money that she can’t complain anymore.

Twilight is available on Hulu, Netflix, and Apple TV.


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