“I’m really hoping I’ll get a call”: Godzilla Minus One Director Takashi Yamazaki Makes Humble Request to Disney Over Star Wars Movie

Godzilla Minus One director is a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise.

“I’m really hoping I’ll get a call”: Godzilla Minus One Director Takashi Yamazaki Makes Humble Request to Disney Over Star Wars Movie


  • Godzilla Minus One director Takashi Yamazaki reveals Star Wars influenced his choice of career.
  • The Japanese filmmaker wants to work with Disney and Lucasfilm for a Star Wars movie.
  • Godzilla Minus One is currently a box office success in Japan and international theaters.
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Godzilla Minus One writer-director Takashi Yamazaki has expressed interest in helming a Star Wars film. Interestingly, both aforementioned franchises have been around for decades, with a global fan base that ranges from old to new generations.

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godzilla minus one
Godzilla Minus One

Ahead of its US premiere, Godzilla Minus One has proven to be a big hit among Japanese and international audiences. Over the years, many iterations have been made, introducing new stories and characters, but the same kind of monster leading the franchise.


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Godzilla Minus One Director Reveals Obsession With The Star Wars Movies

During an interview with Slash Film, director Takashi Yamazaki confessed his love for the Star Wars movies and revealed his desire to work with Lucasfilm and Disney. Being a massive fan of the franchise, he admitted it had a huge influence on his career. He stated:


I watched Star Wars, and that’s how I ended up being a filmmaker. I’m really hoping I will get a call and they will bring me on Star Wars. I think a more Japanese or even just Eastern take on Star Wars would be really, really interesting, so I hope they call me up.”

Godzilla Minus One is set in the 1940s during the aftermath of World War II. Fans have lauded the film’s cinematography and visual effects, and many claimed it looked better than Hollywood-produced versions despite its smaller budget.

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Godzilla Minus One

Following the critical success of Godzilla Minus One, the director remarked on what made it stand out among other adaptations in the Monsterverse. Previous Godzilla movies heavily relied on destructive weaponry, but here, people relied on themselves and one another. He explained to Vulture:


Once you have Godzilla fighting any kaiju, the human story ends up taking a backseat. It’s great to have Godzilla fighting whoever, but my personal challenge would be to resolve that balance. The kaiju can battle, but the human story needs to be there.”

Gareth Edwards, director of the 2014 Godzilla film, commended Yamazaki’s work and regarded it as one of the best Godzilla movies in history. He told Cinema Today via Comic Book:

There were a lot of things that I felt were very new for Godzilla, and I felt jealous the whole time I was watching the movie. This is what a Godzilla movie should be. [Godzilla Minus One] must be mentioned as a candidate for the best Godzilla movie of all time.”

Godzilla Minus One currently has a critics’ score of 96 percent and an audience score of 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.


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Disney Should Hire Takashi Yamazaki For The Next Star Wars Film

Star Wars Poster
Star Wars

Lucasfilm hiring someone like Takashi Yamazaki to work on a new Star Wars movie would bring in an expert in visual effects, scriptwriting, and overall creative direction. His expertise will be an invigorating change to the underwhelming graphics of the past Star Wars installments.


Instead of employing a new director with less experience in the VFX department, Yamazaki would be a perfect choice since he also serves as a visual effects supervisor on his own movies. If he can do stunning visuals in Godzilla Minus One with a limited budget, imagine what he could bring to the table in a big-budget Star Wars project.

Hopefully, Disney would consider Yamazaki and ring him up for an exciting collaboration. Besides, the Lucasfilm franchise is heavily influenced by Japanese culture so it’s only fitting to see a native filmmaker spearhead a Star Wars movie.


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