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“I’m really sorry if anyone misunderstood what I said”: Tom Hardy Had To Apologize For Comparing Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Trilogy To Working At An Airport

tom hardy and christian ba;le as batman

Whether it is the role of a criminal man, a self-righteous anti-hero, or a savior of justice and goodwill and anything in between, there is no role that British actor Tom Hardy hasn’t performed, and to perfection no less. Known for his dynamic personality both on and off screen, the audience knows that they will be left satisfied when the star is involved in any major or minor film projects from the industry.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

And while the actor tries to cater to his fans, he’s also known to be one of those headstrong individuals who don’t usually fit in the regular working mold of the industry. While many stars have nothing but nice things to say about projects they are working on, Hardy wasn’t afraid to be a little harsh about his time working on The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Tom Hardy Compared Working On The Dark Knight Trilogy To Working At Starbucks!

Tom Hardy as Bane in a still from The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy as Bane in a still from The Dark Knight Rises

While he may have been part of many superhit films and TV shows, the one iconic role that many people still praise Tom Hardy for is his depiction of Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. The film was loved by the fans of the comic book vigilante and cinema critics so much that they hailed the film as one of the best ever made, along with stacking a whopping $1.08 Billion worldwide. Still, Hardy couldn’t help but put his experience in a way that upset many people.

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He once said that the way these big franchises work is by pandering to the larger audience and making them happy to rake in huge sums of money, something that he felt was comparable to large corporations such as his example of Starbucks. This upset many fans and audience members because they felt like the Peaky Blinders star was belittling his role by comparing it to something less valuable than giving a masterpiece to the world of cinema. He later clarified to Variety, saying:

“I’m really sorry if anyone misunderstood what I said about comparing working for a huge franchise to being like working for Starbucks. I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, it could have been British Airways, it could have been Virgin, it could have been Nike, it could have been any huge company,”

While his intention might’ve been in the right place to make a harmless comparison, he knew that he should’ve put more thought into it before stating it.

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What’s So Special About The Dark Knight Trilogy?

The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan
The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan

While there have been films on the masked vigilante of Gotham City before, The Dark Knight Trilogy brought something that the previous iterations lacked, which was character development. In the past, the films had a prerequisite for their audience to know what type of character Batman was before they entered the cinemas. But what Nolan was able to achieve with the help of Christian Bale from his depiction was to create a Bruce Wayne that was shown to be built from the ground up, and developed as the franchise reached its end.

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The Dark Knight Rises, streaming on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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