“I’m serious, this drives me nuts”: Original Dune Director David Lynch Does Not Like Listening to 1 Thing While He is Doing His Magic Behind the Camera

David Lynch can do anything but cut down scenes from his movies.

Dune (1984), David Lynch
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  • In a rare video from behind-the-scenes of Twin Peaks: The Return, it is revealed that David Lynch can never chop down scenes from his film.
  • The Dune director lost his cool after a crew member on the set suggested him to cut a scene as it was becoming too long.
  • In a new post after a long time on his X profile, David Lynch shared that he has an announcement to make on June 5 for his fans.
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David Lynch is one of the most critically acclaimed directors known for his surrealist and distinctive class of cinema. The filmmaker holds some masterpieces like Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, and Wild at Heart under his collar.


Despite his excellence in bringing some dark tales on-screen, Lynch is known to be a kind man on set. Being a reputed director, he is adored by his co-workers and fans except for that one instance where he lost his cool on a crew member.

David Lynch lost his cool on the sets of Twin Peaks: The Return
A still from Twin Peaks: The Return I Showtime

The incident happened on the set of Twin Peaks: The Return when a crew member suggested the director cut a long scene. The viral clip featuring an infuriated David Lynch proved that the filmmaker has a strong distaste for chopping down scenes in his projects.


What led David Lynch to be so merciless against one of his crew members?

David Lynch lost his cool on being asked to cut a scene
David Lynch [Credit: Aaron via Wikimedia Commons]
David Lynch has made an immense contribution to cinema over the years with his unique approach and storytelling. The video clip, posted by Maciej Remiszewski is taken from Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks, a series of behind-the-scenes documentaries.

While everything was going right for the filming of the much-anticipated sequel to the 90s series, a crew member asked the Eraserhead director if he wanted to cut the scene down. Lynch got enraged by that and had a not-so-pleasant outburst on the set.

What is this with everybody? What is it, Really? I’m serious! F–kin it Man! This drives me nuts. Who gives a f–kin sh-t how a long a scene is?

Throughout several interviews, David Lynch has elaborated that he belongs to the traditional school of filmmaking. Contrary to the popular modes of film viewing on small screens in the comfort of our homes, he believes that the true magic of cinema can only be felt at the theaters (via Far Out).

David Lynch on the long scenes

This proves that the Lost Highway director believes in giving an authentic experience to the fans and will never support any chopping down of scenes if it benefits the plot.

David Lynch has something cooking for the fans

David Lynch's Dune 1984
David Lynch’s Dune (1984) I Universal Pictures

Earlier David Lynch used to be highly active on his X (then Twitter) to share his views on several matters. However, the OG Dune director stopped using his X handle after 2022 before returning suddenly a few days ago.


The fans were surprised to see a post by Lynch on X where he shared that he has a massive announcement to make on June 5. In a video message, he said to his fans:

Ladies and gentleman, something is coming along…. for you to see and hear. And it will be coming along on June 5.

The post was as cryptic as it could be and raised a buzz among his fans. The internet was filled with speculations of several kinds. Some fans also predicted that this could be an announcement for a new season of Twin Peaks. The series’ 2017 return received widespread acclaim.

In a 2022 interview with The AV Club, Lynch expressed his interest in getting a director’s cut for his critically and commercially disastrous version of Dune. However, he admitted that it is nearly impossible to get a director’s cut for Dune so it might also be an update about some new series or movie.


Twin Peaks: The Return can be streamed on Paramount+. 


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