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“I’m So Tired of Being Social Media Punching Bag”- Cardi B Issues Heartbreaking Statement After Recent Online Hate From Fans

In every celebrities’ life, there appears a time when they can’t seem to take it anymore. A completely understandable reaction was seen by the American rapper Cardi B when she shared an emotional talk about the way people rant on social media. The rapper is tired of being the “social media punch-bag” all the time. Here’s what she had to say about the incident.

Cardi B’s oppression

Cardi B smiling for the cameras.
Cardi B smiling for the cameras.

In a ranting session that seemed a breaking point for Cardi B, the rapper took to Instagram live and started an earnest and emotional talk about being the “social media punching bag” wherein she felt tired of being the target of every little thing taking place.

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“I don’t be liking how these blogs, they be tryna set me up, like, it’s like I’m so tired of being like the social media punching bag” the rapper is reported to have said during the initial moments of the live stream. The rapper stated that she is in an emotional state where she “just can’t take it anymore“. But where did all this hate stem from?

Cardi B’s comments on “invasion of privacy”

The album cover of Cardi B's latest album.
The album cover of Cardi B’s latest album (Invasion of Privacy).

When fans had a mixed review of Cardi B’s 2018 album “Invasion of Privacy”, she didn’t take to kindly all the negative comments that were traveling in her direction. The fans(or people) were disappointed when the debut album of the rapper made its way to Rolling stone’s list of albums. Appearing in a podcast titled “Lip Service” by Angela Yee, the rapper made some comments about her negative fans.

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Don’t try and disrespect me on my work or my album because your mother… your mother was listening to my sh*t”. However, this wasn’t the whole clip but just a snippet of the podcast which made things seem out of context. The fans started ranting about the negative comments that Cardi B made and started giving them back in kind.

Cardi B posing for the photos.

Cardi B posing for the photos.

A few days later, the rapper took to Instagram and had an emotional talk about being tired. She felt the people dragging her into every online debate there is and bashing her horrendously for the negative comments that both sides of the party made. The rival of Cardi B i.e., Nicki Minaj recently made the headlines for being the first and only female rapper to stream 26 billion streams on Spotify!

Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” was released in 2018 and received a score of 67%.

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