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‘I’m sorry this failed’: Miles Morales Writer Apologizes For Stereotypical Representation in Latest What If Series

Miles Morales’ Thor writer took to Twitter to apologize to fans for the recent story that he wrote. The story was published by Marvel Comics. The story, a part of the What If…? series featured a new Thor variant. This new character was quite controversial and was the center of a lot of debate on social media. Many fans criticized the story for insulting black culture and the character being a stereotypical representation. After the backlash, the writer took to Twitter to apologize and explain himself.

 Miles Morales Writer Apologizes For Stereotypical Representation in Latest What If
The story was considered insensitive

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Miles Morales Writer Apologizes For The Latest What If Story That He Wrote

 Miles Morales Writer Apologizes For Stereotypical Representation in Latest What If

The latest Morales variant was considered hurtful, insulting, and insensitive to many fans who aired their grievance on social media. The character, many alleged had various insulting stereotypes about Black culture and was quite inauthentic. Fans cited various things from the story to illustrate their criticism. This includes the character rapping to open the issue,  a graffiti-covered Mjolnir, an outdated catchphrase that refers to MC Hammer and Morales referring to his realm as “his hood.”

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Writer Yehudi Mercado took to Twitter to acknowledge the hurt caused by his story and character and apologized for it to fans. Further, he stated that he would donate his earnings from Marvel to Brooklyn Book Bogeda, an organization that works with kids to build literacy in New York City and provides books.

Check out the writer’s Tweet below.


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The writer’s apology was warranted and his note comes across as humble and understanding. Such controversies can be avoided by crafting characters with a minority background with nuance and sensitivity. Resorting to shallow stereotypes comes across as inauthentic and often hurtful. What do you think about this issue? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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