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“I’m standing by with open arms”: The Office Reboot Depends on One Major Condition After Steve Carell’s Unceremonious Exit That Nearly Killed Final Seasons

“I’m standing by with open arms”: The Office Reboot Depends on One Major Condition After Steve Carell’s Unceremonious Exit That Nearly Killed Final Seasons

Even after a decade since the show concluded with its ninth season, The Office still holds a huge following and has become a worldwide phenomenon. The show has garnered immense praise from both fans and critics over the years and marked itself among the greatest sitcoms ever made.

As fans have been waiting for a modern-day reunion of the characters, the chairman of NBCUniversal TV and streaming finally provided some insight into the matter. In an interview with THR, Susan Rovner revealed that the decision for the reboot depends solely on one crucial person.

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The Office
The Office

The Office reboot depends on its producer Greg Daniels

The office has been deemed one of the greatest sitcoms ever made and still garners a massive fanbase after a decade since its closure. And fans, who have been wanting a reunion of the popular characters might finally get it, as the NBCUniversal TV and Streaming Chairman Susan Rovner revealed that she is open to a modern adaptation but the decision of it depends on The Office producer Greg Daniels.

The decision for a reboot may turn out right for the executives, considering the recent success of NBCUniversal’s Night Court revival. But the dependence for the sitcom’s reboot on Greg Daniels might be a problem, considering the busy schedule of the producer, who has a lot of projects under his belt, including  Exploding Kittens, Best Buds, and Chelm: The Smartest Place on Earth.

Alongside the busy schedule of the producer, getting the original cast together might be a problem on its own due to their tight schedules. The reboot should also include Steve Carell at its forefront if it gets greenlit, as his exclusion from the final two seasons nearly killed the sitcom.

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Greg Daniels
The Office Producer Greg Daniels

Steve Carell’s departure from the final two seasons almost killed the sitcom

Although The Office as a whole is still dominating the streaming platforms, the majority of the fans agree that the final two seasons of the show didn’t quite reach the mark as its predecessors. Even though the first seven seasons of the show with Steve Carell are considered among some of the funniest shows ever made, many believe that the show lost its essence after the exit of Steve Carell.

Fans believe that the farewell episode of Michael Scott should have been the finale for the show, as it soon became clear that the later seasons after Carell’s departure were for financial reasons. Although the supporting cast was great in the previous seasons, because of their dynamic with Michael Scott, without him, the storylines of certain characters felt forced.

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Steve Carell
Steve Carell

Even after the underwhelming response to the last couple of seasons, the show didn’t lose its mark and is still loved by millions. And fans are now wishing for the modern-day adaptation of their beloved show and once again witnessing the chemistry between Michael Scott and his fellow workers.

All the seasons of The Office are available to stream on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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