“I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act”: DCEU Star Jared Leto Called Out Oscar-Winning Actress Jennifer Lawrence For Being Too Pretentious

DCEU Star Jared Leto Called Out Oscar-Winning Actress Jennifer Lawrence For Being Too Pretentious

Jennifer Lawrence returned to the big screen earlier this summer with No Hard Feelings, a feel-good romantic comedy that saw her assume a ne’er-do-well role.

The movie didn’t make any noticeable trembles at the box office, managing to gross just $87 million in worldwide collection. But fans liked the relatable desperate situation Lawrence’s Maddie Barker finds herself at the start of the movie, as she tries to casually navigate her 30s.

Jennifer ;Lawrence still
Jennifer Lawrence.

Like Maddie, Lawrence’s persona in public events has always been of a celebrity who’s a bit clumsy – like most normal people – and isn’t very conscious of laughing at her goofiness. This idea of relatability has made her one of the most liked personalities in Hollywood. But, as is always the case, there are exceptions.

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What Jared Leto Said About Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars Falls

Despite her beautiful looks, Maddie finds it very challenging to win over 19-year-old Percy in No Hard Feelings. Similarly, despite her much-admired public image, there may be a few individuals who aren’t necessarily in awe of Jennifer Lawrence‘s supposed goofy personality.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto.

Moreover, despite the never-ending cycle of content in the era of streaming services and social media, a big part of our favorite celebrities’ lives and their antics remain hidden. And there’s always a good chance, their fellow actors know what they are really like better than fans.

Now, back to Lawrence’s much-loved acting talent and clumsiness. In 2013, she won an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her impressive portrayal of Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook. But on her way to pick up the award, she tripped and hit the floor. A year later she tripped on the red carpet.

During the 86th Academy Awards, Lawrence, while onstage, quizzed an audience member, “Why you are laughing.” It later emerged that the individual was Jared Leto.

Explaining his side, the Joker of Suicide Squad told Access Hollywood (via ABC News): “Ellen [DeGeneres] was on the side … making, pantomiming [motions like], ‘Don’t fall, don’t fall,’ and my mom and my brother are all cracking up. I guess we don’t have any manners.”

He also went on to make an interesting remark about Lawrence’s falls, saying: “You know, I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit of an act.”

Only Lawrence knows whether she was pretending or not. But as far as acting is concerned, Leto perhaps enjoyed the best evening of his career, as he won an Academy Award for his supporting role in Dallas Buyers Club.

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How Jennifer Lawrence Reacted to Claims That She Faked Her Oscars Fall

Leto wasn’t the only famous figure with question marks over Lawrence’s falls. In the aftermath of that eventful Oscars night, news anchor Anderson Cooper also suggested there was more to the Oscar-winning actresses’ fall.

Jennifer Lawrence at 2013 Oscars
Jennifer Lawrence at 2013 Oscars.

Years later, speaking to Heather McMahan on Absolutely Not podcast (via PEOPLE), Lawrence talked about Cooper’s reaction. She recalled: “Anderson Cooper, I saw him on CNN three days later saying, ‘Well she obviously faked the fall,’ and it was so devastating because it was this horrific humiliation to me.”

The Red Sparrow star revealed that she confronted Cooper during a Christmas party to address his comments and he subsequently apologized. She further added, on her end, “We’re all good.”

Let’s just say, there are No Hard Feelings!

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Source: ABC News and PEOPLE

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