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“I’m sure, what will be an amazing speech”- Dwayne Johnson Hopes Brendan Fraser, Who Saved The Rock’s Hollywood Career, Wins Oscar For The Whale

brendon faser the rock

Dwayne Johnson has come a long way from when he first started his acting career. From playing his debut role as the Scorpion King for The Mummy Returns to playing the lead in Black Adam, the actor has proven his talent as an actor multiple times. He has shown his range in acting with voicing in Moana, having a comedic aspect to his role in Jumanji, and playing characters who require brave vigor. 

The Rock and Brendan Fraser The Mummy
Dwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser at the premiere of The Mummy Returns

His newest movie is the latest in the roster of successful blockbusters. However, the actor says he owes his entire career to The Mummy actor Brendan Fraser, whom he debuted his first movie with. 

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Dwayne Johnson Holds Brendan Fraser Responsible For His Career Success

Dwayne Johnson’s first movie, The Mummy Return, starred him as the Scorpion King along with Brendan Fraser as the lead, Rick O’Connell. He has since then become one of the biggest actors to date. The movie itself was also a success, getting the actor rising recognition afterward. 

Scorpion King
Dwayne Johnson as Mathayus

Formerly being a wrestler, his decision to shift from that to acting was a brave one, and the right one as well. His career as an actor started in 2001 with Fraser being his lifeline to the industry in his initial days. 

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Dwayne Johnson Wants Brendan Fraser To Win An Oscar

Brendan Fraser is coming back to a lead role since his 2013 movie Breakout, in The Whale. Dwayne Johnson regards his acting in the movie to be absolutely phenomenal. The audience too went out of their way to give the movie a standing ovation. 

Dwayne Johnson is the most expensive actors of 2022
Dwayne Johnson

“I want him to go all the way, man,” the actor told MTV News. “I wanna see him on that Oscar stage, and hold that sucker up, and deliver, I’m sure, what will be an amazing speech.”

 For his acting, Johnson believes that Fraser deserves an Oscar. He is hyping a possibility for The Mummy actor to win an Oscar in the 2023 Academy Awards for his comeback to the silver screen in his full glory after his supposed comeback movie, Batgirl got discarded for good by Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Whale is set to hit the theatres by the 9th of December, 2023.

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