“I’m the director. Shut up”: Mads Mikkelsen Had to Be Rudely Shut Down by Another Round Director After Refusing to Film 1 Iconic Scene

Probably the only time Mads Mikkelsen was glad to be rudely shut down.

Mads Mikkelsen Had to Be Rudely Shut Down by Another Round Director After Refusing to Film 1 Iconic Scene


  • The end dance scene in 'Another Round' is one of the most iconic scenes in the entire film.
  • However, Mads Mikkelsen refused to do it because he had something else in mind for the scene.
  • Regardless, director Thomas Vinterberg rudely shut him down telling he was the director and Mikkelsen finally agreed to do it.
  • In the end, Mikkelsen was more than happy to be proven wrong by Vinterberg as he gladly accepted defeat.
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Mads Mikkelsen is one of those typical actors who get cast more into villain-ish roles than heroic ones, and still get critically acclaimed nonetheless by their vast fan following because he plays even the bad guy so well.


In fact, some might even mistake him for being made for the big bad roles only as, after playing so many antagonists, it has more or less become his signature character genre to star in.

Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale
Mads Mikkelsen in Casino Royale

Yet, despite having the aura of the bad guy, Mikkelsen once found himself getting rudely shut down by his film Another Round‘s director, Thomas Vinterberg after he refused to do one of the most iconic scenes for the 2020 comedy thriller end scene.


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Thomas Vinterberg Made Mads Mikkelsen Do Another Round End Scene

Mads Mikkelsen in the iconic dance scene of Another Round (2020)
Mads Mikkelsen in the remarkable dance scene of Another Round (2020)

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Another Round was undoubtedly one of the best films Mads Mikkelsen has starred in, and the ‘Best International Feature Film’ Oscar that it won only proves this claim. But the end scene was the one that brought about one of the best scenes in the entire movie: Mikkelsen’s iconic dance.


Yet, the truth is that the Doctor Strange star never wanted to do that dance scene. As he shared in an interview with Deadline while talking about the movie:

“I kept insisting on not having that part of the film in there. I wanted a different kind of ending.”

When asked the reason why he just couldn’t picture himself dancing as the most perfect way to end the bittersweet film, Mikkelsen said:

“I didn’t like the idea of dancing. I thought it was wrong, I thought it was pretentious. It was a realistic film, and I just couldn’t fathom how we would shove that into a realistic film.”

Continuing, the Casino Royale actor then went on to share how director Thomas Vinterberg finally convinced him to do that scene.


“He tried to persuade me in so many ways, and he ended up just saying, ‘Listen, I’m the director. Shut up.’ I was like, ‘OK. Fair enough. Let’s do it.’”

While Mads Mikkelsen was initially not happy with how the end scene was not going to be filmed the way he wanted it to be, it was only later on that he realized how right filmmaker Vinterberg was about it all.

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In The End, Mads Mikkelsen Is “Glad” Thomas Vinterberg Had His Way

Thomas Vinteberg with the Oscar he got for Another Round (@theacademy | IG)
Thomas Vinterberg with the Oscar he got for Another Round (@theacademy | IG)

On the one hand, while Mads Mikkelsen revealed how he didn’t want that dance scene to be the end of Another Round, on the other hand, he also acknowledged how wrong he was in thinking the way that he did about the end scene.


Admitting defeat and crediting the entire success of the iconic end scene to Thomas Vinterberg, he said:

“I’m so happy that Thomas [Vinterberg] prevailed.”

Continuing, he further confessed that he could only see the beauty of the end scene after it was all done, saying:

“He was so right. It is the most beautiful ending of any film I’ve been in, and, as you say, it’s got a life of its own. Boy, was I wrong and I’m glad that he insisted.”

Well, Mads Mikkelsen indeed had to be rudely shut down to agree to one crucial scene for the film, but at least it was all for the better, with even the actor himself realizing it and gladly admitting he was wrong for thinking otherwise, at the end!


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