Immortal Vampire Knight is The Elden Ring Build That Won’t Let You Die

The vampire style build in 'Elden Ring' is for those who would like to sit back and take a fight slow as they heal.

Immortal Vampire Knight is The Elden Ring Build That Won't Let You Die


  • 'Elden Ring' is a vast game that allows its players to experience the game with any style of play through they want.
  • The vampire build is perfect for those who look for a slow and steady fight with their enemy as they heal.
  • The build makes use of a lot of different weapons and other items that heals the players overtime.
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The release of Elden Ring back in February 2022 gifted the entertainment industry with a video game title that is nothing less of a masterpiece. While the game is known to be incredibly hard, the storytelling, music, art, direction, and many other elements are what make players come back to it occasionally.

Exploring the Lands Between offers numerous play styles to adopt, made possible due to the vast array of elements, weapons, spells, and much more at your disposal. One fine example of such a build, suitable for those who like prioritizing playing safe and health regeneration, is the Vampire build.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

This particular build is perfect for those who like to take it slow when it comes to fighting against an enemy, allowing you to heal up slowly before making another move.

How To Make The Vampire Build In Elden Ring

Before diving deeper, the build is particularly called the Vampire build as it primarily makes use of items that heals your character after you have done some damage to your opponent, just like how a vampire sucks blood for his gain.

To start with, the highlight of this build lies with the Butchering Knife weapon, which grants the player a boost of 1% of the maximum HP when you hit an enemy. It will also be beneficial to simply carry the Serpent-God’s curved sword in your off-hand at the same time, as it allows for a 2.5% heal of maximum hp as well as a flat 25 HP per kill.

Butcher Knife in Elden Ring
Butcher Knife in Elden Ring

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The player can further equip themselves with the Royal Remains Armor set. This armor set sits perfectly with the build we are aiming for, as it gives the player a passive heal of 2 HP per second whenever the health bar is below 18%.

Other Items Required For Completing The Vampire Build In Elden Ring

After the player is done collecting the primary elements of the build, they should aim to make a mix of Crimsonspill and Crimsonburst crystal tears into the Flask of Wondrous Physick. These two tears increase the amount of max HP and steadily restore it respectively while they are active.

Talismans that can come in handy with this build are the Blessed Dew Talisman, which gradually restores the player’s HP, along with The Assassin’s crimson dagger, which restores HP on every critical hit. Takers Cameo talisman also restores a part of your HP whenever you defeat an enemy, and finally, the Crimson Amber medallion boosts your maximum HP.

Blessed Dew Talisman Elden Ring
Blessed Dew Talisman

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Finally, the player can also choose to activate Malenia’s great rune, which when activated gives the player a 5-second window where they get healed for the damage they take, making it a perfect fit for the Vampire Build in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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