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Impractical Jokers: 6 Times They Crossed The Line

Impractical Jokers is a popular show characterized by its prankster group- The Tenderloins. The group has continued making humiliation and embarrassment on the reality show into a funny, likable reaction. However, even though the reviews received are most optimistic, some negative critics say that the group goes too far sometimes. Here are six times where the Impractical Jokers crossed a line.

6. Sal Turns Into Simon Cowell: In The Dream Crusher, group member Sal is posed as a school’s talent show judge. He decided to impersonate Simon Cowell and insult the performers. However, this took a wrong turn. While the teachers were aware of the prank, the parents were not. Needless to say, this episode was uncomfortable to watch.

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5. Both Incidents Of Groping: The group recorded groping each other’s relatives on two separate occasions. Viewers were in shock, especially since the consent part wasn’t there in the episode. People noted it as abuse in the guise of a “prank.” These were quite unpleasant episodes for the producers to justify.

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4. Q Thrown Off Of The Universal Studios Tour: Their Show Stopper forfeits Q and thus throws him out of Universal Studios tour on account of being disruptive. Q kept pulling the emergency brakes on the ride without any apparent reason. Naturally, this made the other riders furious as their time and money were at stake. Needless to say, Q was thrown out. Everyone massively applauded this move.

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3. Murr Gets Naked In Public: In a collective punishment, Joe and Murr have to remove a piece of clothing every time someone refuses to return their high-five. Murr ultimately loses in the middle of Times Square. However, the challenge is only complete once one of the two is entirely naked. Public Nudity is illegal in the US, and so, the group was likely to go through legal issues. This episode was questionable, at the least.

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2. Joe Catches Signed Baseballs: Joe steals the thunder of New Yorkers yet again by snatching signed baseballs meant for children. He dressed up as a Mets fan and hoarded all the balls. In one case, he uses a child to get another ball thrown his way, leaving the mother furious. Her anger was visible on camera, and she likely remained angry even after they stopped recording.

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1. Murr Forcefully Skydives: Jokers often use each other’s phobias in punishments. Sal’s germophobia and Q’s fear of spiders come up more than often. However, Murr’s fear of heights is extreme. In a punishment episode, he is forcefully made to skydive. Even though it’s covered by laughs and funny music, it was quite a horrible experience for Murr. He even texted his parents goodbye before jumping. Fans seem to think the show definitely crossed a line in this one.

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What other pranks did the impractical jokers cross a line with?