‘In a flash…I would do it in 2 seconds’: Full House Star John Stamos Desperately Wants to Join the MCU

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There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe bandwagon in recent times. Joining the list of actors wanting a place in the MCU is John Stamos. The Full House fame recently in an interview expressed his wish of getting a role in the landscapes of MCU. The actor who played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis in the sitcom has revealed that if any MCU role is offered to him, he will take it within seconds.

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John Stamos

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John Stamos’ desperation for joining the MCU

Besides Full House, John Stamos has also worked in various other TV shows such as The New Normal, Necessary Roughness, and You. He also stars in the Disney+ series Big Shot in a pivotal role. Now the actor wants to work on a project for MCU in his upcoming ventures.

John Stamos wants to join MCU
John Stamos desperately wants to join MCU

While speaking to Collider, John Stamos revealed in full excitement how much he desires to work at the Kevin Feige fortress. Although he confessed that he doesn’t know much about the MCU, he madly wants to work in an MCU feature film:

“Are you kidding me? In a flash. It’s flash? Oh, that’s the other one. I would do it in two seconds. First of all, especially doing these voices, I was like, ‘Okay. Maybe it’s time for me to do a full-feature film for you guys.’ I haven’t been offered anything. I often think I really know nothing about it. If I ever did, it would take me a month to try to figure it out. I might watch with my wife.” 

There are already many television actors who have appeared in MCU roles so it can also be possible that the 59-year-old is spotted someday fighting alongside our heroes.

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Not the first time in Marvel for John Stamos?

John Stamos wants to star in a Marvel movie
John Stamos voiced Iron Man in Spidey and His Amazing Friends

It may sound shocking but it is a notable fact that it will not be the first time John Stamos is cast in an MCU project if it happens anytime sooner. Although not live-action, he voiced the character of Iron Man in Disney’s animated show Spidey and His Amazing Friends. 

Now keeping in mind the fact that the animated TV show for kids and the live-action Marvel Universe are far different, it will be worth watching if we can spot the actor anytime soon in MCU and even if it happens so, which character will he probably play?

All the seasons of Full House are streaming on HBO Max


Source: Collider

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