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In James Gunn we trust”: ‘Superman: Legacy’ Reportedly Considering No Other Actor Other Than Nicholas Hoult for Lex Luthor Role

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James Gunn is all set for revamping the Superman franchise with the first movie under his Gods and Monsters banner in DC. And while he received a lot of criticism for swapping out Henry Cavill as the iconic character, he did claim that he already has quite a few powerful options for Clark Kent.

Nicholas Hoult, English actor
Nicholas Hoult, English actor

As such, hunting for potential actors for the other roles in Superman: Legacy is also going on rigorously. For example the most impactful characters of the story besides Superman, like the superhero’s romantic interest, Lois Lane, and enemy Lex Luthor.

While none of it has been finalized yet, according to sources, although there seems to be a lot of competition going on for Lois Lane, James Gunn seemingly has found his Lex Luthor in Nicholas Hoult.

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James Gunn to pit Nicholas Hoult against Superman

As Gunn’s first DC movie after taking up the studio’s helm, there is already a huge hype around this movie. Especially as according to James Gunn he had already finished the drafts of the story. Now, although details of the said story are not available to the public yet, Gunn claimed before that the movie would focus on a younger Superman. Hence, the switch from Henry Cavill to the disappointment of many.

James Gunn, American director
James Gunn, American director

However, the Guardians of the Galaxy director announced in a reply to a fan a few days ago that he already has a few powerful options for the character of Superman, although no further details have yet been released as to who it could be.

Interestingly, there were quite a few in the race initially, including The Kissing Booth and Euphoria-famed Jacob Elordi but it was later learned that he never even submitted his name for that.

Rachel Brosnahan, American actress
Rachel Brosnahan, American actress

As such, the hunt is still ongoing. Lois Lane’s character, too, fell under tremendous scrutiny as name after name of famous actresses kept piling up for the race. The recent update, according to a source as The Hollywood Reporter claimed, was Rachel Brosnahan putting on a spectacular performance for the audition of Lois Lane’s character. Although Brosnahan did not confirm the news, she noted very vaguely,

“I grew up watching Lois Lane, this incredibly talented journalist, far from a damsel in distress, and I would jump at the chance if it arose.”

Now only time will tell if James Gunn finally found his Lois Lane in Brosnahan among a contender list full of actresses like Emma Mackey, Samara Weaving, and Phoebe Dynevor. There is one character, though, that seems almost confirmed as the source claimed that there is no possibility of James Gunn considering any other actor for the role.

Nicholas Hoult in Renfield
Nicholas Hoult in Renfield

That happens to be Superman’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. And Gunn allegedly has found him in none other than Nicholas Hoult, who recently appeared in Renfield alongside Nicolas Cage.

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Fans rave over James Gunn allegedly casting Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor

While a majority of fans are still bitter about Gunn’s decision over Cavill, this little tidbit about the potential casting of Nicholas Hoult as the genius antagonist seems to be restoring a lot of people’s faith in the director. From claiming that they could always trust Gunn, to saying how this is the best decision ever, people are seemingly considering this as a win. 

While it will be amazing to see Nicholas Hoult give life to this iconic character, it should be mentioned that no official confirmations have yet been made. However, this has sure hyped people up a lot, especially with rumors of David Corenswet being the top contender for Clark Kent, fans claim they would love to see them going neck to neck to battle it out.

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Superman: Legacy is expected to release in 2025. 

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