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Iñaki Godoy’s Training for One Piece was Beyond Difficult to Make his Gum Gum Fruit Feel More ‘Organic’

One Piece Live-Action Actor Iñaki Godoy had to go through intense training and physical exercises to make the character look organic.

Iñaki Godoy’s Training for One Piece was Beyond Difficult to Make his Gum Gum Fruit Feel More ‘Organic’


  • Iñaki Godoy has gained a lot of recognition for his portrayal of the character Monkey D. Luffy in the One Piece Live-Action series.
  • He had to go through intense training to make the action scenes feel realistic and organic.
  • The director of the series explained Godoy had to learn backflips and frontflips to gain the fluidity required to portray the role.

Iñaki Godoy, the actor who brought the character of Monkey D. Luffy to life is getting a lot of recognition for his role and his portrayal of the character. Luffy is one of the strongest and loved characters in the entire anime world and bringing it into reality was a difficult job, but Godoy did it perfectly. He not only captured his personality but also his flexibility and his devil fruit abilities. Godoy not only got recognition from the One Piece fans but he was also loved by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the brilliant story of One Piece.

Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in a still from One Piece
Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in a still from One Piece

However, it was not easy for Godoy to portray the role of Luffy in the live-action adaptation of One Piece. He had to go through an intense training schedule and learn a lot of skills to make it look realistic and organic.

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Iñaki Godoy’s Training for One Piece Live-Action

The live-action series stars Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece. Given that Luffy has the ability of the Gum-Gum Fruit, which causes him to stretch like rubber, Inaki Godoy’s elasticity is continually put to the test. Some Luffy sequences were generated using CGI, while others had to be staged and performed by the actor himself. Godoy endured a rigorous workout regimen to prepare for his role as Luffy. Godoy put in a lot of gym and acrobatic practice, which would come in handy during the battle sequences.

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Iñaki Godoy's action scene from Netflix's One Piece
Iñaki Godoy’s action scene from Netflix’s One Piece

One Piece‘s live-action creators have openly expressed that Luffy was one of the most difficult characters to bring to life which included not only the CGI works but also picking the right person to do the job. Godoy was the perfect choice for Luffy and he has proved it by going through the intense training schedule and working hard for the role.

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Marc Jobst Explains Iñaki Godoy’s Training Schedule

In an interview with DigitalSpy, director of One Piece Live-Action Marc Jobst explained the training process that Godoy had to go through to learn the skills needed to portray Luffy in the series. He stated that Godoy had to learn how to do backflips and frontflips to achieve the kind of fluidity that would be perfect for the character. He said:


“So [Iñaki] was learning how to do backflips and frontflips and forward rolls, and all those things that enabled us to give his body a kind of fluidity, which would then enable those big, stretching things to feel much more organic to him.”

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy

Godoy’s training and hard work were evident in his depiction of Luffy for the series. He brilliantly played the role and achieved the success that he deserved after all the hard work and training he had to go through.

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