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“Inclusion is for everyone”: MCU Boss Confirms Representation and Diversity Will Be Marvel Cornerstones for Phase 5 and Beyond

"Inclusion is for everyone": MCU Boss Confirms Representation and Diversity Will Be Marvel Cornerstones for Phase 5 and Beyond

The MCU has recently been stepping out of its comfort zone in terms of exploring newer characters, as well as bringing into light ethnicities that do not get much chance to rise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at the moment testing the waters with regard to what works on screen and what doesn’t.

Marvel could bring in Blue Marvel alongside Namor in the MCU
Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

While the fourth phase seemed a lot more experimental, it had its ups and downs. One aspect that was risen more apart from female representation done right was that of inclusivity in diversity. A lot of current issues had been touched on in the latest projects, especially Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Even though this gets considered to be an agenda at times, it is far from it. The MCU has even confirmed that this pattern will be a continuous process from now onwards.

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MCU Will Continue To Explore Diversity In Future Phases

Diversity was a big focus for the MCU in Phase 4. This was something fans had been demanding for every past phase of the franchise. While a lot of people did have some issues with this, representation matters a lot. Talent is not limited by race, color, and gender. It only increases, the more diverse the cast and crew become.

Marvels Eternals
Marvel Studios’ Eternals

MCU’s recent decline was not because of any agenda but because of rushed storylines and picking quantity over quality. This problem has since then been picked to be rectified as Kevin Feige too has realized where the latest phase went wrong. Representation in terms of gender, ethnicity, and color had nothing to do with the massive decline. However, racist comments and criticism are unfortunately inescapable. The franchise will continue to find more and more ways to represent the people and be able to show relatability as well as dreams that won’t be limited by any factor whatsoever.

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MCU Will Show Representation Everywhere

The Walt Disney Company has since then made it mandatory for 50% of the cast and crew to be of minority groups. This will include people behind the camera, writers, singers, actors, and other aspects. Diversity does not mean that the focus of hiring people will shift from talent to ethnicity and sexuality.

Oscar Issac in a scene of Moon Knight
Oscar Issac in a scene of Moon Knight

Talent is something that can be found everywhere and the only difference would be that the specific talent would instead be hunted alongside minorities. Many groups are under represented, so the focus of Disney and the MCU will be to include everyone in the mix, rather than sticking to what has been going on for years. This was one of the reasons why Eternals was released earlier than it was intended. The amount of diversity the movie had in every single aspect made it the perfect candidate to highlight this factor.

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