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India’s New Sci-fi Novel ‘Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic’ Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

India gets another superhero arc with author Virats’ Sci-Fi novel – Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic.

With the advent of sci-fi movies and series on OTT giants like Hawkeye, Loki, Eternals, and a few more; the Indian audience is even more excited to have their own superheroes.


The Indian audience has been hyped a lot with the recently released movie on Netflix ‘Minnal Murali’ An Indian Superhero and it clearly states that the Indian Audience is now gearing up for more quality content in Sci-Fi Domain.


For many years, Indian artists have created rich superheroes / Sci-fi content and the latest addition to this list is author Virat Vilas Pawars’ novel ‘Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic’ which is a perfect blend of Sci-fi and mythology wherein the author has introduced its audience to the Indian version of witches, mages, magic, gods, demons, and deities.

In a nutshell, the story is about two Vidyadharas from which one wants to assert dominance over the world by exploiting magical creatures that are living amongst us and the other Vidyadhara wants to stop him from doing so to maintain the balance of the world.


Apart from the great story, author Virat, with his team of illustrators (Doodlenerve) has created mind-blowing illustrations. Talking about the reason behind creating the illustrations, Virat says “I always wanted to create comic books but due to a lot of reasons, I couldn’t. So I brought novels and comics together.”  Later on, Virat adds “I want my readers to see what is in my head, how my characters look, how they fight and hence this extra effort.”

This project took two years to complete and is now available on Amazon. This Novel comes under VirArt Studios which is a newly formed art-production studio that is mainly built to push Sci-fi and superhero content made by Indian creators and simultaneously provide space and platform to them. Virat says that he wants to build a strong team that will create content so much that it can be enough and interesting for 138 crore people in India and try to reach the benchmark that is set by comic giants like Marvel and DC.

In the latest novel “Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic” available on Amazon, get yourselves ready to dive into the universe of magic, mages, and witches wherein a lot of things are inspired by the rich Indian mythology and rich Indian history!

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