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Industry Expert Reveals Why Marvel is Not Bringing Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four Movie – MCU’s Saving Doom For Secret Wars

Secret Wars Doctor Doom

We’re less than three weeks away from the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Marvel has been bombarding us with new tv-spots for the nearly three-hour film. However, no major plot details have yet been revealed by the studios.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 
A still from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Instead, leaks and rumors have done the job. And a new claim suggests that the massive Wakanda Forever surprise cameo that we expected from Black Panther 2 will not take place. Fans of MCU are already guessing what that cameo is. But if you’ve been trying to avoid Wakanda Forever spoilers all year, then you have been warned!

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Doctor Doom won’t be the main antagonist in Fantastic Four

With recent reports suggesting that Wakanda Forever has removed the Doctor Doom cameo from its film, there have been several other rumors that Dr. Doom might not debut in the MCU for a few years now. MCU is working on a Fantastic Four movie. Considering Marvel’s history, it doesn’t seem likely that the MCU’s Fantastic Four villain will be Doctor Doom.

While the Fantastic Four will make their MCU debut, this will not be the character’s first appearance on the big screen. 20th Century Fox has worked on several Fantastic Four films over the years, including Tim Story’s Fantastic Four in 2005 (with a sequel in 2007) and Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot in 2015.

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four
Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four

Unfortunately, each installment was met with harsh criticism from critics and fans all over the world. Furthermore, the Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom has been adapted twice, with each version wasting the character’s potential as both a sympathetic character and a villain.

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Doctor Doom, who is not only one of the Fantastic Four‘s main villains but also a hugely popular comic book character, was repeatedly screwed up in the films. A Doctor Doom more akin to his comic book counterpart appears to be a natural choice for the villain of the upcoming Fantastic Four film, but Doctor Doom has a lot of baggage that may keep him away from the team when they make their MCU debut.

Industry Expert believes that MCU is saving Doctor Doom for Secret Wars

Industry expert, Jeff Sneider, recently appeared on a talk show on John Rocha’s Youtube channel where they discussed entertainment news and rumors. According to Sneider, Dr. Doom won’t be appearing in the MCU for some time now. He further went on to say that Dr. Doom might feature in a post-credit scene of the upcoming Fantastic Four film and the MCU seems to be probably saving Doom for Secret Wars.

Dr. Doom in the comics
Dr. Doom in the comics

Doctor Doom has long been the Fantastic Four’s greatest foe, but the MCU keeps dropping hints that Victor Von (Doctor) Doom is in the MCU, and he’s the secret villain of Avengers: Secret Wars. The ruler of Latveria and Reed Richard’s arch-nemesis has been a regular feature of Marvel comics for decades, and fans have long desired to see him in the MCU.

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With Secret Wars established as the next major conflict and the culmination of Phases 4, 5, and 6, it appears highly likely that Doom will overshadow Kang the Conqueror as the ultimate villain.

Avengers: Secret Wars will release in 2026.

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