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Industry Expert Slams Chris Rock Shaming Jada Smith by Pointlessly Dragging Her Name Through the Mud: “Will Smith has moved on. Chris should stop dwelling in the past”

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In one of the best tweets produced so far, the innuendo left behind by Michael Harriot has the internet wheezing after the best double-take of the century. And the Chris Rock and Will Smith drama has managed to be the stand-in metaphor for the political climate of the sunny American state of Florida. But, for now, it is the Netflix special that has just as many tongues wagging as the Sunshine State’s newly proposed bills on the socio-political front. It has been a year so far and the people still can’t have enough of the drama.

Will Smith & Chris Rock - Oscars 2022
Will Smith & Chris Rock – Oscars 2022

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Michael Harriot Slams the Chris Rock-Will Smith Drama

Whatever Harriot has to say about the political situation in the South, he didn’t land too far off when it comes to the ongoing and raging criticism regarding the Chris Rock and Will Smith scenario that took place last year at the Academy stage on March 27, 2022. However divided the public opinion may be, the popular culture has given too much attention and the subject of the Oscars slapgate has occupied too many hours to be deemed relatively natural.

Harriot manages to display that exhaustion among a certain demography toward how the sensationalism of the slap is being perceived. Sure, it was violent and intentional and shockingly theatrical in its display, but acts of transgression far worse are being committed and carried out currently in the world and Harriot draws a parallel between the ridiculous difference of the events that on one hand, threaten the image of privileged Hollywood stars and on the other, the dangerous precedent that is being set when it comes to the lives and identities of so many in America.

Will Smith resigns from the Academy after Oscars slap
Will Smith resigns from the Academy after Oscars slap

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Chris Rock and Will Smith’s Drama Gets Out of Hand

The Chris Rock and Will Smith situation, right now, is at the most comical stage of its manifestation. After the brutally uncomfortable and inherently silent treatment doled out by Rock for months, the comedian and actor finally delivered an epic response in the Netflix special, Selective Outrage, first show ever to be live-streamed by the platform.

Chris Rock – Selective Outrage
Chris Rock – Selective Outrage

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However, it isn’t enough to simply address and mock and parody the offense. Rock’s reply also shows that the water is never going under the bridge and his renewed enthusiasm in speaking about the subject and selling out shows at the expense of his own humiliation is not the kind of selective outrage the world needs to witness right now.

As such, a greater percentage of people are disappointed and have condemned the show of obstinate humiliation that Chris Rock wants to carry out almost a year later by further addressing Jada Smith in his revenge special.

Selective Outrage is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Twitter | Michael Harriot

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