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Infinity Stones: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Power Stone

Jim Starlin’s The Infinity Gauntlet six-issue limited series was a definitive moment for Marvel. As Thanos gets his hands on the six powerful infinity gems (stones in the movies), quite literally, he becomes a literal god in every sense. Using the gems, he wipes out half of the universe in his quest of winning the affection of Lady Death.

The popularity of the series was quite unprecedented. As one of the major events to have taken place in the main continuity, The Infinity Gauntlet was adapted by the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Avengers: Infinity WarEndgame.

Both the comics and the movies have shown the combined might of the six Infinity Gems/Stones. While the Soul Stone gets its fair share of attention for its mysterious origins and sentience which demands sacrifice, the other stones have not yet been explained in detail. The Power Stone, in particular, has unique properties which can serve a greater purpose in the future. But how significant is it? Let’s find out.

10. Pocket Universe

Being some of the most powerful artefacts in the Marvel universe, the Infinity Stones are pocket universes in themselves. In the MCU, we were introduced to the pocket universe lying within the Soul Stone where Thanos and kid-Gamora meet in Avengers: Infinity War.

Similarly, there also lies a pocket universe inside the Power Stone. A violent universe, it is known as The Arena which resembles a Colosseum where heroes fight each other to become the champion. It is ruled by Dynamus, the living embodiment of the Power Cosmic.

9. Omnipotence

At its lowest form, the Power Stone grants its user unlimited stamina and increase the user’s strength to unimaginable levels.

But with sufficient training, intelligence, and capabilities, the Power Stone can grant its user omnipotence, making him/her a literal god in the truest sense.

8. Energy Manipulation

The Power Stone has the amazing ability to manipulate all forms of energy available in the universe. When wielded, it augments the user’s existing superpowers to infinite levels. It also grants the ability to duplicate any physical superhuman ability to become invincible.

Its ability to manipulate energy also helps in powering any kind of device with an unlimited power supply to run it for eternity.

7. Stabilizes the Other Stones

Each Infinity Stone is unique in its own right and has vastly different powers. When used together, it grants its user powers beyond anyone’s imagination.

Though using one Infinity Stone is devastating enough, using the entire set except for the Power Stone is not a wise move even for extremely powerful characters. With the Power Stone, the entire set is stabilized, which decreases the risk of using the Stones together.

6. Enhances the Power of Other Stones

Apart from stabilizing the other Infinity Stones, the Power Stone also plays another vital role when used together with the others.

Despite being overwhelmingly powerful, the remaining Infinity Stones only seem to unleash their true potential when used alongside the Power Stone. The Power Stone augments the existing powers of the remaining Stones, making them even more catastrophic.

5. Change of Ownership

Throughout the history of the Marvel universe, the Power Stone has changed numerous hands. Both in the comics and the movies, the stone has frequently been used by different characters for various purposes.

In the comics, the Power Stone has been wielded by Champion of the Universe, Thanos, Nebula, Thor, Loki, Adam Warlock, Mister Fantastic, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, The Juggernaut, Nova Corps, Star-Lord, Emma Frost, Galactus, Captain America, and Black Panther

4. First Appearance

The origin of the Infinity Stones seems to differ in the movies from its comic book counterpart. In the movies, Wong states that the six Infinity Stones were hurled across the universe after the Big Bang.

But in the comics, the six Infinity Gems were one singular cosmic entity named Nemesis. The entity committed suicide out of loneliness and despair, which resulted in the creation of six Infinity Gems. The Stranger found the first Infinity Gem, which was coincidentally the Power Gem. Soon, he wanted to complete the entire set which didn’t really end well for him.

3. Unlikely Owner

In recent comics, Tony Stark has been trapped in the distant past. In the recent issue of Avengers, Tony Stark faced the Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. and managed to survive by the skin of his teeth.

Trapped by Mephisto in the distant past, Tony comes across powerful artefacts and entities like the Mjolnir and the Phoenix Force. But shockingly, Tony is attacked by Gorgilla, the gigantic man-ape who was mutated by the Deviants. Now, Gorgilla is bonded with the Power Stone, making him incredibly more powerful.

2. A Snack for Drax

After the events of Infinity Watch, the Infinity Stones were entrusted to various trustworthy members to keep them safe and not to fall for their temptations.

As a member of the Infinity Watch, Drax the Destroyer was chosen to keep the Power Gem safe. But instead, he…swallowed the gem mistaking it for a jelly bean. His unique physiology kept the gem safe in his stomach, but we definitely cannot imagine the tensed atmosphere every time Drax had to use to the loo.

1. Soul Corruption

The Infinity Stones do have some kind of sentience which can affect the users when wielded. Though the stones have been used by so many different characters, it’s hard to determine if it’s the stone(s) which motivates their actions.

In New Avengers #3, Captain America has been shown to wield the Power Stone once. Unfortunately, it did not go well for him as his soul was corrupted, thus falling to the stone’s temptation. The allure of the stone was powerful enough to tempt even the most righteous of heroes.

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