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Injustice: Zack Snyder’s Best and Worst DCEU Moments Remixed in the Movie

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Injustice. It is now available on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray and Digital.

Zack Snyder’s vision for DCEU is quite divisive considering how dark and violent his movies get. And this is far wide known to fans. However, DC has turned its goriest property, Injustice into an animated movie adaptation. And this adaptation merges Snyders’s worst and best moments.

Injustice: Zack Snyder's Best and Worst DCEU Moments Remixed in the Movie

Snyder’s Best Moment in the Injustice

The animated movie has paid an awesome homage to Snyder’s best moments. One such moment comes in the movie finale when Mister Terrific brings Superman from another reality to fight the fascist Kal-El. Thus, a war breaks out in the desert. This is different than what Snyder did in Man of Steel. In the animated movie, the fight is taken away from Metropolis. However, in Snyder’s Man of Steel, General Zod and Superman fight in the city of Metropolis destroying half the city.

Injustice: Zack Snyder's Best and Worst DCEU Moments Remixed in the Movie










But the animated movie still delivers a violent brawl between the characters. In Injustice, we see both Supermen violently punching each other which gives a nod to the DC video game. The fight is truly bombastic.

Worst Snyder Moment in Injustice

Unfortunately, the worst moment is also relived in the movie right after the best moment. The moment is Lois Lane’s pregnancy issue from Snyder’s Justice League. In the movie, when Superman returns from the fight, he senses that Lois Lane is pregnant. This calms him down and he flies off with her. He then regains his consciousness and becomes a hero to stop Steppenwolf.

Injustice: Zack Snyder's Best and Worst DCEU Moments Remixed in the Movie
Superman Senses Lois is Pregnant Scene











Highlighting this moment in the movie just feels like a cop-out. In fact, even in Justice League, nothing more is talked about Lane’s pregnancy other than some subtle hints and the director’s interview.

Also, when the evil Kal-El is about to murder the good one, another world’s pregnant Lane comes over and tells him that his Superman wouldn’t have done that. Thus Kal-El drops to his knees and ends his dictatorship.

There were several other characters who could have calmed Superman down such as Wonder Woman or Batman. But this Lois is Hail Mary concept that break him in tears is just cliches and seems to be rushed in the movie.


Written by Aditi Thosar