Insane Illuminati Ultron Theory Claims [SPOILER] Built It

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What if Tony Stark didn’t build Ultron in the MCU? Imagine if everything you believed you understood about the Illuminati realm turned out to be incorrect? Here’s a new hypothesis that will make you think twice about everything. Reed Richards, according to this theory, created Ultron in the Illuminati world. Let’s look at it more closely:


MCU has already changed Ultron from his comic version:

Hank Pym, original creator of Ultron.
Hank Pym, the original creator of Ultron.

The portrayal of Ultron in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which James Spader played the cruel robot, has caused controversy among a lot of fans. There are some obvious discrepancies between the films and the comics. The most important difference is that, in the comics, Ultron was created by Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man, rather than Tony Stark. However,  Pym doesn’t even make an appearance in the movies until after Age of Ultron. As a result, given that the MCU has already altered Ultron’s origin story once, it wouldn’t harm to do so again for the appropriate reasons.

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Reed’s Universe doesn’t seem to have Tony Stark:

Tony Stark building Ultron.
Tony Stark, building Ultron.

Tony had a vision at Strucker’s lab, and he realized that he would not be able to defend his fellow Avengers or the Earth from the Chitauri invasion. This led him to believe that they are not sufficient to counteract the risks that Earth confronts. Ultron, an unfinished AI building in the lab, caught his eye. He figured he might use it as a safeguarding assignment in his Iron Legion armors. He believed that a robot in human form may be more powerful than all of the Avengers put together. Thus, Tony Stark created Ultron in collaboration with Bruce Banner. However, Tony Stark does not appear to exist in the Illuminati Universe. And so, who better to construct it than the brightest guy on the planet?

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Reeds Richard is the smartest man in his universe:

Reed Richards may have built Ultron.
Mister Fantastic: Reed Richards.

Reed Richards is a thinker who prefers to understand opponents and, if feasible, communicate with them before attacking them. He has achieved discoveries in domains as diverse as space travel, time travel, robots, and computers as a brilliant scientist and inventive machine master. Reed has demonstrated that he is not only a savant in nearly every science native to Earth, but he is also more knowledgeable than some of the most sophisticated extraterrestrial civilizations in the known cosmos. He has been called the smartest person on the planet and is said to have a photographic memory. Thus, it is definitely possible that he was the one who built Ultron.


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