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Insane New Naruto Theory About Itachi Uchiha Will Devastate You

Insane New Naruto Theory About Itachi Uchiha Will Devastate You

Naruto is one of the most popular anime to have ever made it big. It sits atop the holy trinity of anime – the other two being One Piece and Dragon Ball. Although known for its epic story, Naruto is also known for its incredible characters. Of the most fan favorite of the lot, Itachi Uchiha is a character we all respect and revere. This Naruto Theory will make you respect him even more. According to this Naruto theory, there was more to Itachi Uchiha than what met the eye. Here’s how it goes.

This Naruto Theory Changes Everything – Itachi Is The OG Shadow Hokage

The One Behind It All

Itachi, in Naruto, massacres his clan and leaves his brother Sasuke alive. It is later revealed that he wantonly spared Sasuke’s life so that his little brother would come after him. Hatred would drive through him and make him gain more power. Eventually Sasuke Uchiha would go on to kill his brother and learn the truth behind Itachi’s motifs.

Sasuke Is His Legacy

What this new Naruto theory states is that Itachi Uchiha was more than being just the driving force behind making Sasuke one of the strongest ninjas to ever exist. The theory claims Itachi knew about his illness and that one day it would take his life. He was determined to use his formidable abilities to protect the Hidden Leaf Village at all costs. But his days were numbered. So he orchestrated everything from behind the scenes so that one day his brother would take his place. 

Three Steps Ahead, Always!

Itachi Uchiha knew that his body was on its last legs. And he needed another hidden guardian who could protect Konoha in his stead when he’s gone. Sasuke was the perfect candidate but he was still weak. This Naruto Theory states the reason

The reason Sasuke ended up becoming Konoha’s Shadow Hokage in Boruto was actually Itachi’s doing. 

How True Is This Theory?

Itachi Uchiha – The Mastermind

We already know Itachi wanted Sasuke to gain more power. And he purposefully made himself the villain so that Sasuke’s hatred for his elder brother would make him stronger. If you are an Itachi Uchiha fan, you know the guy is always three, even four steps ahead at all times. He managed to use Shishui’s Kotoamatsukami to rid himself of Kabuto’s Edo Tensei control. He even ensured Danzo could not lay a finger on his brother before disappearing. The man was as smart and cunning as a fox.

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Itachi Uchiha Naruto Theory

Danzo and the Village Elders were the ones that gave the order to carry out the Uchiha Clan Massacre. If Itachi was the one pulling the strings, he may have been able to manipulate the Village Elders to send him alone. By that time, Itachi could also be aware of the deadly illness inside him already. He knew he couldn’t do this for long. By massacring his clan, he managed to awaken his Mangekyo and disappear into the Shadows as a rogue ninja. Itachi Uchiha became Konoha’s first ‘true’ Shadow Hokage.

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His Illness Was Already Killing Him

But his illness would be his undoing. While his brother kept training and becoming stronger, all Itachi did was spy on the Akatsuki for Konoha. All the while, he would travel to faraway lands to prolong his life using all sorts of experimental medicine. Itachi needed to keep himself alive long enough for Sasuke to defeat him, at the point of which, he would pass over his Mangekyo to his little brother.

Naruto Itachi Sasuke and Uchiha family
Itachi – The Original Shadow Hokage

Since Itachi awakened the Mangekyo first, he knew that its overuse would drive the user blind. He must have figured out the secret to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. For Sasuke to become the next Uchiha Shadow Hokage, he needed to have absolute power. Sasuke needed to have his brother’s eyes. And that was Itachi’s plan all along.

Sasuke – New Shadow Hokage

In Boruto, Sasuke becomes Konoha’s protector from the shadows. Little did the fans know the pains and the brains it took for Itachi Uchiha for Sasuke to continue his older brother’s legacy. 

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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