Insanely Bizarre Facts About Batman Actors


A new Batman film is always received with anticipation. While there have been some duds among the winners, Batman’s inexhaustible appeal ensures that he receives a lot of attention anytime he appears in anything. Several Batman Actors have donned the bat costume due to his durability on the big screen.

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Some of the performers have performed better than others in the role. That being said, regardless of how their roles as The Caped Crusader ended out, each of these performers has had some bizarre circumstances surrounding them. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.


5. George Clooney’s Regrets

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It’s a widely accepted perception that Batman & Robin is a complete flop, and the film’s staff shares this opinion. Many members of the cast and crew, including director Joel Schumacher, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the film, but none more so than Batman actor George Clooney.


Clooney’s career was just getting started when Batman & Robin came out, and if it hadn’t been for pictures like Ocean’s Eleven, it would have perished. Clooney has apologized to Batman fans for Batman & Robin and made fun of it in multiple press junkets.

4. Bale’s American Accent

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Christian Bale is a strange character. Whether it’s his weight changing for different films or the time he raged at a crewmember for adjusting the stage lights while he was performing, Bale appears to take things considerably more seriously onset than most people do.

Despite having a natural British accent, Bale filmed interviews and behind-the-scenes supplementary features for Batman Begins with an American accent. He stated he didn’t want to mislead people who saw the film and heard his American accent, but it’s still a weird choice.


3. Kilmer’s Littlespace

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For many, Batman Forever marked the beginning of the decline that forced Christopher Nolan to intervene to salvage Batman’s cinematic legacy. Val Kilmer, who played Batman in the picture, was excellent in the role, but anecdotes about his demeanor suggest that he believed he was the finest Batman ever.


According to director Joel Schumacher’s recollections in a 1996 Entertainment Weekly article, Kilmer acted like a spoilt brat on set, fighting with several of the staff members. The late Michael Schumacher confronted Kilmer about this, prompting Kilmer to refuse to interact with the director for two weeks.

2. Ben Affleck’s SuperHero Career

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Though Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman was as problematic as it was fleeting, many consider him to have done a fine job in the character. Whether you agree or disagree, it appears that many people have forgotten Affleck’s initial role as a superhero, as The Man Without Fear in the 2003 picture Daredevil.

Daredevil may not be the worst superhero film ever made, but it didn’t exactly set the world on fire back in 2003. Ben Affleck, like George Clooney, regrets doing the picture, and it’s reasonable to assume that it left him with something to prove when he donned the cape and cowl of The World’s Greatest Detective.


1. Pattison’s Motivation

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Though his casting was received with suspicion at first, many fans are eager to see what Robert Pattinson will bring to the character of Batman when The Batman is to be released on March 4, 2022. There hasn’t been much information out regarding his performance, but Pattinson has revealed an intriguing tidbit about his bat voice.


In an interview with Access Hollywood, Pattinson claimed that he wanted to go with a more “pirate-y” voice for Batman, drawing inspiration from his co-star from The Lighthouse, Willem Dafoe. Even if Pattinson is simply pulling DC fans’ legs, it does sound like a fascinating avenue to go.



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