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“Insanely toxic time and culture”: The Rock Slams Down Reports of Unfollowing Black Adam Instagram Handle, Keeps Brave Face as His DC Hierarchy Crumbles Down

“Insanely toxic time and culture”: The Rock Slams Down Reports of Unfollowing Black Adam Instagram Handle, Keeps Brave Face as His DC Hierarchy Crumbles Down

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was often found saying on multiple occasions that the hierarchy of power at the DC Studios will be changing very soon. Well, that’s exactly what happened. While the hierarchy did change, it certainly wasn’t quite how he expected it would. Henry Cavill’s Superman was taken out of DCU despite The Rock’s hopes of a Superman vs. Black Adam face-off.

Black Adam
Black Adam (2022)

Ever since the news of Henry Cavill leaving Superman was confirmed by both James Gunn and the actor himself, a lot of speculations came up about what Dwayne Johnson would do next. It was reported that he unfollowed both Warner Bros. and the official Black Adam accounts on Instagram. This report took up such speed on the Internet that the actor himself had to clear the air stating that the report was false.

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Dwayne Johnson Stops the Spread of Misinformation

The Rock
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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After the false news of Dwayne Johnson unfollowing Warner Bros. and the official Black Adam account on Instagram escalated, Brandon Davis, the host and producer of the Phase Zero podcast, also tweeted about the latest drama of the DC Studios. The report came in the mix of a lot of controversies the DCU is currently in, which is probably why fans were losing their mind hearing about Johnson unfollowing the two accounts.

However, Johnson replied to Davis’ now-deleted tweet clearing the air and stating that the reports were fake and that he never followed the Instagram accounts, to begin with. Davis was quick to apologize for his tweet adding that he will delete his original tweet to “Avoid any confusion or spread of it.”

Johnson, being the guy he is, wasn’t upset with Davis and stated that everything was good between the two. He called out the “Insanely toxic time culture” in his tweet possibly referring to how easily false information spreads these days. Looks like the Red Notice actor isn’t one to entertain fake news seeing how quick he was to call the reports out.

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No Promotion for Black Adam Releasing on HBO Max?

A still from Black Adam
A still from Black Adam

We have time and again seen how vocal and active Johnson has been all this time about his DCU debut film, Black Adam. Before even the movie was released, the lead actor was constantly promoting it on his social media and was, all in all, extremely excited about it.

However, it seems like the excitement hit an all-time low as Johnson made absolutely no effort to highlight the fact that his movie was finally available to stream on HBO Max. Fans were quite confused to see Johnson not sparing even a single tweet about it. Many believe that it was his way of telling James Gunn and the studios that he wasn’t happy with how things turned out.

If this is the reason behind it, then it is quite understandable as Johnson was one of the key reasons that fans got to see Henry Cavill pick up the red cape once again, even if it was just for a few seconds. His apparent disappointment doesn’t come out of nowhere, after all. However, Johnson isn’t completely giving up on DCU just yet as his Twitter banner still proudly flaunts his movie.

Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

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