Insanely Underrated Comic Book Villains That Deserve A Movie Revamp

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There are a wealth of intriguing and compelling villains and super-villains in the comic universe. Some of these have gone on to become the most well-known characters in the world. On the other hand, others have yet to be transformed in any media form. The following is a list of the most underrated comic book villains of all time:


1. The Purple Man

comic book villains Purple Man
The less-known marvel villain – The Purple Man.

Zebediah Kilgrave is often recognized as the Purple Man, not just due to the color of his skin, but also because he occasionally wears expensive purple street clothing. Kilgrave began his comic book career as a global spy who subsequently developed the ability to control people’s minds. As his appearance on the Netflix series Jessica Jones demonstrated, this is a rather dangerous superpower to possess. In fact, Marvel would do well to stick the comic book villain around for future series, or possibly movies.

2. Black Hand

The Green Lantern nemesis - Black Hand
Green Lantern’s arch-nemesis: Black Hand.

We’re all familiar with the Green Lantern universe’s Emotional Spectrum and the various colors it produces. But there’s a storm cloud for every rainbow, and that is the ghastly comic book villain Black Hand. And as time passes, he becomes more and more twisted and unstable. He even manages to make the enigmatic black power ring, which permits him to drain the lifeforce of others. However, he has never really managed to connect with the general audience. Black Hand appears to be an intriguing initial nemesis for the Green Lantern to confront. The power of imagination and the resolve to preserve life vs the power of darkness, destruction, and entropy. What’s not to like?


3. Magneto

Marvel Villain Magneto
Marvel Villain Magneto with the primary superpower to control metal.

Most people believe Magneto’s only ability is to handle metal. That is completely inaccurate. This comic-book villain has demonstrated that the scope of his strength is significantly greater. He can not only move metal, but he can also produce extremely powerful electromagnetic pulses. He can create wormholes, generate and harness electromagnetic energy down to photons, and feed his superpowers through his own body to augment his physical strength and agility. Magneto can also change the behavior of gravitational fields, become invisible, and produce forcefields strong enough to repel Thor, the Phoenix, and even Galactus. Moreover, he’s also a genuine genius, having knowledge of a lot of things. Though the character was portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender in the X-Men movies, Magneto still remains one of the most underrated comic book villains.

4. Doctor Octopus

Spiderman Villain Doctor Octopus.
Spiderman Super-villain Doctor Octopus.

Doc Ock is one of Spiderman‘s most memorable adversaries, and he was just included in the latest Spider-Man film. This villain has fought Spider-Man in a number of famous confrontations and remains one of his most vehement foes. The train sequence in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 should demonstrate how well these two characters’ clash was choreographed. Peter and Otto are both incredibly intelligent, and it’s always entertaining to watch them try to outsmart each other. However, this is a villain that merits his own spinoff and should be included in more programs.

5. Kingpin

Comic Book Villains Kingpin
MCU villain and criminal mastermind – Kingpin.

Kingpin is a well-respected comic book villain among Marvel fans, but his complete range of talents is frequently underestimated. When it comes to physical warfare, he is best known as a criminal mastermind who enlists the help of his minions. He has, nevertheless, demonstrated that he is a capable combatant. He has proven himself capable of going head-to-head with Spider-Man and Daredevil, while not being superhuman in any manner. Despite his height and weight, he has been shown to overpower the amazing Spider-Man and rival the web-slinger with his immense strength.


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