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10 Marvel Heroes Insomniac Should Make A Solo Game On After Wolverine

10 Marvel Heroes Insomniac Should Make A Solo Game On After Wolverine

This year, Square Enix will release Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be coming in 2023. Insomniac Games has surprised everyone with the announcement of Marvel’s Wolverine even though Wolverine has appeared in numerous videogames before. Insomniac fans are already wondering who will star in the next solo game. So here are the 10 Marvel Heroes Insomniac Should Make A Solo Game On After Wolverine.

1. A Daredevil game might be Marvel’s answer to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series. How a videogame will represent Daredevil’s blindness will be a huge question, but we can presume it will focus on the other senses. Games like Daredevil would have the ability to deliver the action of a street-level hero.

2. Insomniac should make Jennifer Walters the face of a video game based on She-Hulk. This game could still be fun to play and deliver similar amounts of open-world destruction. The She-Hulk game could also allow users to experience the more relatable human character of Jennifer Walters as the fans did with Peter Parker. 


3. We need a new Iron Man game that combines excellent gameplay with a great story centered around Tony Stark. Insomniac’s Iron Man game would change everything we know about the hero. The new game could also focus on the designing of suits and other powers of Iron Man.


4. In recent years, Doctor Strange’s popularity has been boosted by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Magic would be incorporated into the gameplay of Doctor Strange. A Doctor Strange game could be fun and unique with its plethora of spells and focus on how magic can manipulate the environment.

doctor strange main

5. Jessica Jones has all the essential factors for making a great game. Insomniac could make a thrilling detective game out of Jessica Jones. A Jessica Jones detective game would be enjoyable, even if it is unlikely to happen.


6. A Shang-Chi game would make a brilliant martial arts combat themed experience. MCU’s recently released movie is packed with action scenes. No matter what platform MCU uses, Shang-Chi is bound to be a big draw for Marvel. Shang-Chi would be something that gamers would have never seen before. 

shang chi poster 1200

7. Captain Marvel is one of the best choices Insomniac could make for a solo game. Also, it would be interesting to see that if Captain Marvel would be the First Female Marvel superhero to get a solo film and a solo game at the same time. 

captainmarvel lob mas mob 03 0

8. Insomniac may consider changing Steve Rogers as Captain America for Sam Wilson as he has carried out the role in the comics and currently does so in the MCU. It is hard for Marvel’s Avengers to separate the leader of the Avengers from the rest of the team, given that he appears as a playable character. 


9. A heist-based Black Cat game would have the added perk of being a Marvel Spider-Man spinoff. Being a master at leaping, climbing, and grappling, Black Cat emphasizes stealth, as she also pulls off heists.


10. In terms of gameplay, the Ant-Man game might be both suspenseful and entertaining. In addition, fans would likely enjoy Ant-Man’s expanding and shrinking abilities both for exploration and in combat.


So these were the 10 Marvel Heroes Insomniac Should Make A Solo Game On After Wolverine. These games would be enjoyable to make and to play. What do you think which characters should get a solo game as soon as possible. Let us know in the comment section. 

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