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Internet Up in Arms as 4Chan User Uses AI Voice Simulator To Deepfake Emma Watson’s Voice, Makes Her Read Hitler’s Autobiography

Internet Up in Arms as 4Chan User Uses AI Voice Simulator To Deepfake Emma Watson's Voice, Makes Her Read Hitler's Autobiography

The former Google and Palantir staffers together launched the startup Elevenlabs, which aimed to create high-quality audio deep fakes of celebrities through their AI voice cloning tool. But their beta launch soon backfired with many abusing the voices of celebrities, including Emma Watson, through the AI voice cloning tool.

Many fans have been left enraged by the unethical and immoral usage of the AI tool after some trolls have been abusing their favorite celebrity voices to pass outrageous comments. But the startup has assured everyone that they are going to change its model to avoid further issues.

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Emma Watson in Noah
Emma Watson in Noah

Fans enraged after 4Chan user misuses Emma Watson’s voice through AI tool

The introduction of the AI voice cloning tool from Elevenlabs has set the internet on fire after numerous trolls have been exploiting the usage of this free tool. Although many have been using the software to generate wholesome content, a portion of the internet has abused the tool to make celebrities spew racial slurs and outrageous comments, and the misuse of Emma Watson’s voice was the last straw.

Recently. Motherboard reported the extreme abuse of the AI software to create offensive deep fake audio. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was a 4Chan user, who generated a clip of the Harry Potter star Emma Watson reading Mein Kampf, the autobiography of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Fans have been enraged by this unethical usage of the software about Emma Watson and other renowned celebrities including Joe Rogan, Robin Williams, etc. Elevenlabs, which made the technology available to the public, has addressed this growing issue and have vowed to fight against the abuse of their voice-cloning tool.

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Emma Watson as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter franchise
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter franchise

Elevenlabs vows to avoid further abuse of the AI tool

The Startup was overwhelmed by the positive response to their too at the beginning, as many were using the AI voice-cloning tool for wholesome creation. But the company soon faced a problem after trolls began to exploit the software for nefarious purposes. Elevenlabs have assured the internet that they are deeply looking into the matter and figuring out the possible solutions.

Although the creators of Elevenlabs admitted that they can trace back to the users that are abusing the power of the AI tool, they are looking for additional safety measures to avoid this issue. The creators shared different ideas to deal with the matter, which includes an introduction of manual verification for each cloning and full ID verification of the user through payment or any other method.

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ElevenLabs vows to fight against internet trolls abusing their voice-cloning tool
ElevenLabs taking active measures to avoid further misuse of the AI tool

Although the beta testing of the Startup went off to a mixed start, with many fans in rage for the unethical use of celebrity voices through the AI tool, especially Emma Watson. But people have also acknowledged the startup for not brushing off the situation and taking active measures to deal with these internet trolls.

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