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Into The Woods: Characters Ranked By Likability

Into the Woods is a musical movie consisting of an ensemble cast who worked together to tell the stories of our beloved fairytales. The dark twist and unique approach made it more enjoyable to watch. To top it all off, each cast exhibited their vocal prowess through the film’s musical numbers.

While all these elements made Into the Woods a feast for the eyes, the characters were indeed the front and center of it. Here’s a ranking of the characters from least to most likable:

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf Into the Woods

Everyone knows the Big Bad Wolf is Little Red Riding Hood’s main antagonist. Johnny Depp portrayed the character, and he put on a short musical number. After which, he devoured both the sick grandma and the little girl.

The Witch

The Witch Into the Woods

Meryl Streep’s performance as The Witch is unmatched. Not only does she bring terror to the other characters, but sang her way into transforming herself from an ugly witch into a beautiful sorceress. Still, everyone hates her because of how she treated Rapunzel and cursed The Baker’s family.


Rapunzel Into the Woods

Rapunzel’s story is pretty much familiar to everyone. Although she did not get as much screen time as compared with other major characters, her scenes were memorable. She had these long golden locks that The Witch, her fake mother, used to climb up the tower. Rapunzel is a gentle character, and people sympathize with her.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Into the Woods

This young girl who wanders off the deepest parts of the woods is easily recognizable by her red cape. She goes to the town to get some bread for her ill grandmother, but along the way, she meets the Big Bad Wolf. She can get annoying at times, but one can see from the way she conducts herself that she is well-mannered.


Cinderella Into the Woods

From her abusive stepmother and stepsisters to dancing with the Prince at the ball, Cinderella’s story is pretty much the same in the movie. Anna Kendrick gave the character a fresh new take, and her solo numbers were absolutely breathtaking. She actually gets to marry the Prince, but later on, realizes that he was unfaithful to her. She takes a stand and tells him what she actually wants.



Jack is a crucial character because of his involvement in many of the turning points in the movie. Because of his gullibility, he sold his cow in exchange for magical beans. These beans grew tall and high above the clouds, which enabled the giants to come down on Earth. Despite so, he did everything he could to save his mother and his newfound friends.

Baker’s Wife

Emily Blunt shone brightly in her role as the Baker’s wife. She is very caring and passionate, but easily distracted at times. She may have been swayed by the Prince but, in the end, she knows what is right and wrong.

Mr. Baker

Baker Into the Woods

He is easily the most likable character in the film. As the central figure, Mr. Baker tries to make everything right for his family. He is dedicated to reversing the curse, and he is also sympathetic toward the children he met in the woods.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.