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‘Invest in a mantelpiece. All the awards are coming your way’: The Last of Us Star Jeffrey Pierce Shows Vocal Support for Co-Star Bella Ramsey

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The intertwined history of Jeffrey Pierce and The Last of Us although a complicated one is also beautiful at the same time and goes back a long long way. The award-winning actor has been hard at work behind the scenes and it is after 10 years that the fans finally get to put a face to the name (or the voice, in this case) albeit in a very different role than what he portrayed originally.

News of Pierce joining the cast was revealed back in July 2021 and now that he’s finally here, he is giving hell to anyone who raises a voice against his co-stars and hyping up those who are already destined for greatness.

Jeffrey Pierce as Perry in The Last of Us
Jeffrey Pierce as Perry in The Last of Us

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Jeffrey Pierce Addresses Bella Ramsey’s Role as Ellie

Moving, hilarious, bold, snarky, audacious, and authentic – in the scattered screentime that Bella Ramsey has gotten to be the focal point of the unfolding narrative, somehow she managed to deliver all of these within her performance and more. Emulating Ellie in HBO’s The Last of Us, the actor has not only managed to stun her audience but also wreck us to the verge of tears even without so many words.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us
Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us

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Be it the sudden childlike naivety that overtakes Ellie in odd intervals throughout the series, the maturity that Ramsey simultaneously portrays in her character who was forced to grow up too fast and in too brutal an environment, the genuine laughter that fills up the gloomy night air when Ellie reads Will Livingston’s No Pun Intended: Volume Too, the scream that erupts from her when she realizes what Henry is about to do, the fact that Ramsey sees it fit not to look away and yet portray the full effect of the paralyzing terror that her character is feeling – all of it makes Ellie a clay molded perfect version of Bella Ramsey, and in that the latter is more than worthy of an award or two.

Jeffrey Pierce happens to think so too and he makes that clear in a recent Twitter post.

This isn’t the first time the actor has voiced his support for a co-star, however. When criticism and backlash followed in the aftermath of Episode 4 as people pointed out Melanie Lynskey didn’t exactly fit the physical profile of a post-apocalyptic warlord, the actor called out the superficiality of the situation saying, “I think it just shows an embarrassing lack of understanding of the world.”

Jeffrey Pierce’s Complicated History with The Last of Us

Auditioning for the character of Joel in 2013 for the game series, he eventually went on to voice Tommy in both parts. The performance would go on to earn him a BAFTA in the Supporting Role category in 2020 and a British Academy Game Awards nomination for the same. But that was hardly the end of the road for Jeffrey Pierce, who then debuted in HBO’s critically acclaimed adaptation as well.

Jeffrey Pierce and Melanie Lynskey in The Last of Us Episode 5
Jeffrey Pierce and Melanie Lynskey in The Last of Us Episode 5

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Since his arrival in the live-action series as Perry, right-hand man to Kathleen, leader of the Kansas City militia, fans have had a hot and cold onscreen relationship with the man. Duty-bound as he was, he was also checkered with a gray moral compass. Even then, there remained a hint of unwavering empathy, respect, and concern for the ones that he [the man, the father] was loyal to and a helpless resignation to the orders that were doled out to him [the soldier] by Kathleen.

And even though he hadn’t stayed to honor the full potential of his role, Pierce is still happy with the ending his character was given in the harrowing fifth episode of The Last of Us, calling it the “best death of the season.”

The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Twitter | Jeffrey Pierce

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