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Invincible: Amazon’s Upcoming Superhero Series – All You Need to Know!!

Amazon is about to dabble in the superhero genre again with an upcoming animated series called Invincible. Invincible hails from the same creator responsible for The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman’s new age superhero adventure tale gets the Web-series adaptation it absolutely deserves. Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

The Plot

invincible story arc omni man mark grayson

Invincible takes us a a story depicting the life of Mark, a 17 year old teenager who is the son of Omni-Man, an alien superhero and the greatest warrior Earth has at her disposal. After activating his own super powers, Mark decides to live up to his father’s legacy and become a respected figure within the superhero community. Along the way, we realize that everything is not what it seems to be. Omni-Man is not really trying to protect the Earth. The alien race he belongs to sends an agent to live in the planet, gain their authorities’ trust, and then when the time is right, betray them and prep the world for an invasion. Omni-Man’s alter ego is Nolan Grayson. He works as a novelist, the perfect cover for a spy and alien impostor.

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Amazon Coming Forward

invincible amazon prime video

The story is as interesting as it gets. Invincible was critically acclaimed. Illustrators Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker were felicitated for their amazing art-work. Robert Kirkman won numerous accolades for the tale. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg struck a deal with Kirkman and Image Comics to make a feature for the comic book series. But Amazon played Judas, doing another secret deal with Image Comics, sweeping the first mover advantage from Goldberg and Rogen. Soon Invincible was slated for an animated adaptation to be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Rogen later became a part of the project.

The Behind the Camera Crew

invincible behind the camera robert kirkman

While it is an animated adaptation, there are a lot of players from the comic book department who will have a say in this project. Image Comics’ Skybound Imprint will be heading the animation arena, producing the series for streaming. Robert Kirkman will be one of the show runners along with Simon Racioppa and Executive Producers David Albert as well as Catherine Winder. One good news is that there are two well-known figures from the superhero animation circles who will be coming to partake in the project. Chris Copeland and Justin Copeland of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble fame will be the directors for the show’s episodes.

The Release Date

Invincible release date

There has been no set date for the show. But from what we know, Amazon will stream the show sometime during Fall 2020. That’s right. Invincible will probably hitting Prime this year itself. Considering the current COVID-19 situation, we might add that you take this piece of news with a pinch of salt. The global lock-down situations have thrown a monkey wrench which may or may not have hit Invincible in the eye. We will see for sure in the coming weeks.

The Cast

invincible cast steven yeun jk simmons sandra oh

The people coming to lend their voices for the many lead and supporting characters include veteran voice actors like Steven Yeun, who played a part in Voltron: Legendary Defender. Yuen will be voicing Mark Grayson for the show. Other actors include Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Gillian Jacobs, Zazie Beetz, Mark Hamill, and Wakter Goggins. J.K Simmons, who plays J Jonah Jameson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be voicing Omni-Man aka Nolan Grayson and Mark’s father. Mar Burkholder, Grey Griffin, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Jason Mantzoukas will be voicing roles for recurring characters.

Where Can You Read Invincible?

invincible comic-book

The Invincible Limited Series has 144 issues. If you really intend to be up to speed before watching the show, we would suggest you look for a local comic book store near you. You can also go for local comic book conventions. We are sure there will be plenty of Invincible arcs around. But if you are going for convenience, then multiple digital renditions of the comic book arc exist online. There are three ways in which you can start reading the arc.

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Invincible Volume 1 is a trade paperback. It is a collection of the first four issues and there are in total 25 volumes in that collection. Comixology has digital copies of all the Invincible arcs. The Invincible Compendium is the largest collection of the Kirkman stories. The first nine trade paperback editions come in just three books within the collection.

Apart from the three, there is another way you can start reading. The Invincible Ultimate Collection is a bulkier paperback. It contains more issues in each collection. Volume 1 has thirteen of the issues and is the most expensive of all. The Invincible Ultimate Collection has 12 such Volumes in total.

First Look

invincible amazon first look

During the Free Comic Book Day event, a special Invincible comic book issue hit the stores. The issue had within it the first look images for the characters that are going to be a part of the Amazon Prime Original animated feature. Cory Walker, illustrator for the original arc, is credited with coming up with the art-work for the character designs. Walker is also Lead Character Designer for the series. Artist Ryan Ottely and Walker worked closely to ensure the animated characters remained true to the source. The characters are more or less comic book accurate.

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It Will Probably Be Very Graphic

invincible graphic fight omni-man

We say “probably” because the comic books sure are. Midas touched anything and it turned into gold. Robert Kirkman touches anything and it turns bloodier. Invincible’s lead character – Mark Grayson has a sizable amount of casualties under his belt. Most of them were because he had no idea on how to control his immeasurable powers. But as the series progresses, Mark manages to put a leash on his powers but not on his killing spree. Be it low level minions, super powered super villains, or innocent civilians, Mark has killed and maimed many. In one issue, he was responsible for taking down the entire country of Greenland. His father is even more prone to committing acts of mass murders than his son. So it is safe to assume that the show will portray the universe as a gory, blood filled one. Don’t expect family friendly entertainment when you watch this.

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