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Invincible: Guardians Of The Globe’s Strongest Version Yet to Appear, Are Definitely Omni-Man Killers

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Many would agree when we say this – Invincible is one of the best damn superhero shows on this planet. With ground-breaking action, genre defining characterization and incredible plot direction, it is indeed a keeper. Created to somewhat parody the cliché elements of superhero fiction, Invincible outdid itself both in the comic book as well as TV series. The very first episode of the show revealed a massive twist. Omni-Man murdered the Guardians of the Globe with stone cold brutality. The world’s premier superhero team bit the dust just like that. Were they really this weak?

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The answer is NO. The Guardians of the Globe is not a team of sheer nobodies. They were earth’s greatest line of defense. So it stands to reason to believe that they could stand their ground against even a Viltrumite. In the comics, the Guardians were extremely strong, so much so that some of them are actually capable of at least grievously wounding Omni-Man to an extent he would have been forced to escape the planet.

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The show is still in its infant stages. The universe of Invincible is vast and rife with several interesting characters. The Guardians of the Globe has entertained quite a bit of super-humans. In the animated series, we saw a version that is far from having its most powerful members within the roster.

It gets better.

The First Version Of The Team Is What We Saw In The Show

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The original Guardians of the Globe members are the same in both the comic books and the show. The first iteration was Immortal, War Woman, Red Rush, Aquarus, Martian Man, green Ghost, and Darkwing. based off of the Justice League of the DC Universe, each member had his or her own abilities to boast. War Woman was exceptionally strong and a veteran Amazonian warrior. Immortal was well, immortal and had the same powers as Omni-Man except a bit watered down. red Rush was a speedster. Martian Man was a Martian shape-shifter from the Red Planet. The Green Ghost could fly and turn intangible. Darkwing was based on DC’s Batman. Along with Black Samson (who retired from the team after he lost his powers), the original Guardians were a formidable bunch.

They gave Omni-Man quite a run for his money when the latter attacked them. By the end of the fight, Omni-Man won but the combined might of the Guardians put him into a coma for days.

The Immediate Successors – Robot & His Team Are A Stop-Gap Measure

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When the original Guardians died, Cecil Stedman needed replacements. The chief of GDA tasked Robot to rope in new recruits. Robot’s new team of Guardians Of the Globe included Rex Splode, Monster Girl, Dupli-Kate, Shrinking Ray, and an armored Black Samson. Invincible agrees to become an honorary member of the group after rejecting an invitation by Robot to become an official part of the team.

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But here’s the catch – this new Guardians of the Globe team is far from being the world’s most premiere superhero team. They are young, lack training and experience, and most important of all, lack the powers to become the Earth’s last line of defense. Even Cecil knows that the new Guardians team does not have what it takes to take on Omni-Man.

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And this is where it gets interesting. In the comic books, new superheroes come into the picture, superheroes that are formidably strong. And the new line-up of Guardians Of The Globe post robot’s team is not something to be taken lightly.

The Strongest Members Of Guardians Of The Globe The Show Hasn’t Shown Us Yet

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As time passes by, new recruits become members of the Guardians of the Globe. These recruits consist of veteran heroes as well as new heroes with incredible potential. A very prominent future member of the team is the immortal super soldier known simply as Brit. Brit is another one of Kirman’s creations that was roped into the Invincible universe as a superhero. Due to a special serum injected into his body, Brit has developed Godlike durability not even Omni-Man could punch through. The downside is that Brit is  not super-strong, just super durable. He has inhuman longevity and always remains in peak physical prime. brit later assumes the leadership position of the team.

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The other characters to take notice of are Japandroid and Kaboomerang. The former is an advanced android girl from Japan. The latter hails from Australia and can throw projectiles laced with explosives. Le bruiser is a French Bulldog with superpowers of his own. And then we come to the superhero known as Best Tiger.

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A superhero of Chinese descent, Best Tiger’s ability is simple – he is always the coolest guy in the room. He is exceptionally skilled and incredibly smart. With a blindfold around his eyes, everyone believes best Tiger is blind. Little do they know he can actually see. He put that blindfold because he wants things to be more of a challenge. Everything’s too easy for him. He is the deadliest member of the Guardians of the Globe.

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There are other members whose powers show promise but have not been explored in detail. El Chupacabra is a Mexican wrestler with razor sharp claws and other abilities, who is now an alcoholic.

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Kid Thor, Pegasus, Yeti, Outrun, Knockout and the Yugoslavian Cast iron are all very powerful, capable members of the team. At their finest, they would have easily fought Omni-Man. It is even possible they would have left him in more than just a coma.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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