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Invincible Season 2: 10 Ways Cecil & The GDA Could Defeat Omni-Man When He Returns

Invincible Season 2 10 Ways Cecil The GDA Could Defeat Omni Man When He Returns

Invincible Season 1 ended on an explosive note. Invincible Season 2 will probably show us Omni-Man’s return to finish what he started. Here’s how Earth could defend itself against the wrath of Nolan Grayson.

The Klaxus Plant Severely Weakens Them

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Not much is known about the Klaxus plant. But it is a life-form found on an alien planet. It is also extremely rare. The plant is basically Kryptonite for Viltrumites. Once ingested or inhaled, the Klaxus plant’s chemicals attack the Viltrumites’ powerful immune system. It is shown to be non-lethal but it can severely weaken them to the point they are just as powerful as an average human-being. A Klaxus plant extract laced within a gas grenade followed by an onslaught of blows and strikes from Mark and the Guardians of the Globe should be enough to take Omni-Man down.

Space Racer’s Gun Can Kill Anything Including Viltrumites

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Yet to be introduced in the animated universe of Invincible is a character that goes by the name of the Space Racer. He is a legendary figure known throughout the Galaxy. The Space Racer is someone even Nolan Grayson feared. Invincible Season 2 will most likely expand the world of the superhero universe. Space Racer is a warrior Omni-Man fought before he came to Earth and settled down. He was so strong even omni-man could not kill him. The primary reason was his special gun – a weapon powerful enough to pierce anything, including Viltrumite skin.

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Allen the Alien Is a Yet To Be Explored Powerhouse

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Allen the Alien has already appeared twice in the series. He is the first and last of his kind, his race having been wiped out after they rebelled against their Viltrumite rulers. The Unopans were nearly wiped out but they managed to use their extensive knowledge in genetics and biology to create breeding camps. Allen the Alien was the only survivor of gruesome Unopan experiments. At first he struggled against Viltrumites. But Allen’s unique biology gives him the power of reactive adaptation. Just like Doomsday of DC Comics, every time Allen returns from the brink of death, he comes back a dozen times stronger. If used right, Allen could be the weapon Cecil needs to defeat Omni-Man.

Atom Eve’s Matter Transmutation Would Come In Handy

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Atom Eve is probably the most powerful Earth based superhero after Mark Grayson. But we believe she might be even stronger. Her matter transmutation abilities are not something to be taken lightly. In the comics, Eve was created to be a living weapon. Her powers grant her the ability to affect and change the molecular structure of all matter. Eve is literally a God if not for the mental blocks imposed on her by Cecil when she was a kid. Ranging from creating false memories to regenerating entire limbs and resurrecting herself, Atom Eve can do it all. If push comes to shove, Cecil can take off those mental blocks and let her loose. Omni-Man would be turned into a bouquet of flowers.

Mark Grayson – Well, Obviously

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This seems to be a very obvious choice. In the season 1 finale. we saw Mark Grayson get the pummeling of a lifetime. He suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of his father – Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man. Invincible Season 2 will probably pit Mark and Nolan against each other for a rematch. It is just a matter of time. But this time Mark needs to be ready. He needs a mentor who can teach him how to fight and use his skills efficiently. Maybe that is why we saw Immortal being brought back to life in the final few moments of episode 8. He is the closest superhuman with almost the same skillsets as Omni-Man and Mark Grayson.

Viltrumites’ Vulnerability To Internal Attacks

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While they have exteriors with Godlike toughness, are their insides just as sturdy? The answer is a swift no. You know who was the first one ever to figure it out? It was Robot, one of the Guardians of the Globe. Robot figured out that a miniature bomb, if somehow put inside a Viltrumite’s body, would instantly kill a Viltrumite. That was how Robot killed an evil Mark Grayson from an alternate universe. The same strategy could be used by the GDA in Invincible Season 2.

The Rognarr – Only Known Species That Can Fight Viltrumites

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You may have not heard of the species called the Rognarr. As mighty and fesity as that name sounds, trust us when we say this – the Rognarr are even deadlier. They are one of the few known sentient species in the galaxy who have the power to kill a Viltrumite. They are beasts blessed with exceptional raw, brute strength. When sent in packs, the Rognarr can easily tear through Omni-Man. Maybe the Coalition of Planets is generous enough to donate some to Cecil in Invincible Season 2.

Internal Equilibrium Disruption

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Viltrumites are exceptionally vulnerable to certain frequencies. Their internal ear equilibrium, if disrupted, causes them severe pain due to their physiology. If a sound of a specific pitch is played near them, the resulting equilibrium disruption can cause extreme pain to the point of death. The only thing Cecil needs is equipment powerful enough to produce such large frequencies. In Invincible Season 1, Cecil revealed the GDA had access to a laser canon powerful enough to knock down even Omni-Man. The GDA surely has access to technology advanced enough to create frequency based Anti-Viltrumite weapons.

The Scourge Virus Is The Ultimate Viltrumite Killer

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Although it is too early for the Scourge Virus to make an entrance, we already have seen the Coalition of Planets in season 1 of the show. It is the Coalition of Planets that created the Scourge Virus. This virus affects Viltrumites and was responsible for killing 99 per cent of the Viltrumite population. Those who survived saw their powers greatly diminished once infected. A more refined version of the Scourge Virus was shown to even affect Viltrumites previously thought to be immune to it. A prototype version of the Scourge Virus could be granted access to by the Coalition of Planet to Earth. That would be enough to keep Omni-man in check.

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Join The Coalition Of Planets

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This is not at all a permanent solution. But in the grand scheme of things, it seems to be the most logical choice. The Coalition of Planets is the only force in the Galaxy powerful enough to resist the Viltrumite empire. But even they steer clear of planets marked for Viltrumite expansion like Earth. But since now they know that a Viltrumite has abandoned his post, they must have a newfound interest in humanity and Earth. Earth might be the key to fending of the Viltrumites and to do so, they might strike a deal with the blue planet.

This kind of cunning and shrewdness could only be employed by Cecil Stedman. He would force the Coalition to take Earth under its wings, effectively stopping Omni-Man in his tracks lest he invokes the wrath of the entire Coalition armada. This could be how Invincible Season 2 pans out in the near future.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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