Invincible Season 2: 6 New Villains We Want To See


In a time where superhero movies and shows are in a dime a dozen, Invincible brings a fresh new approach with its subversive plotline blurring the dichotomy between good and evil. Adapted from the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, the animated series received critical acclaim upon its release. Its bold animation, gritty violence, and memorable characters easily make Invincible one of the best-animated shows released in recent times. Though no report has yet been revealed regarding the second season of Invincible, here are 6 new villains we want to see in the series:

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6. Powerplex

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Part of Invincible‘s success can be attributed to its characterization of villains. Instead of having just strong, muscular jocks fixated with world domination or a nihilistic viewpoint, the villains in Invincible often make compelling points that stem from grief and loss. Scott Duvall was an ordinary citizen who went down the dark path when his sister was accidentally killed during the fight between Invincible and Omni-Man. Harboring a deep hatred for Invincible since then, Duvall adopted the name of Powerplex and used bio-therm discs to fight Invincible. To make matters even worse, Duvall’s wife and kid became unfortunate casualties by himself while fighting Invincible. His psychotic hatred towards Invincible reached its peak when he used stolen technology to counter Invincible’s attacks, forcing the young hero to talk it out instead of just exchanging punches. Despite being a grief-stricken character, Powerplex played a vital role in making Invincible understand different perspectives.

5. Dinosaurus

Invincible Dinosaurus


Dinosaurus as a concept is so ludicrous that it’s amazing how well it works for the storyline and Mark himself to develop. David Anders is a brilliant teenager who turns into a literal Dinosaurus when he gets bored or indifferent. A radical thinker at his best, Dinosaurus comes into conflict with Invincible due to their differing ideologies about saving humanity. A strong believer in ‘end justifies means’, Dinosaurus started off as an enemy of Invincible. But surprisingly, Invincible develops a bond with Dinosaurus over time, resulting in the reptilian-looking monster often putting his life at the line to protect Mark.

4. Conquest



A loyalist of the Viltrumite cause, Conquest is as tough as they come. As one of the few survivors of the Scourge Virus that nearly wiped out the Viltrumite race, Conquest lost most of his strength in the process. Nevertheless, the Viltrumite warrior was still a handful for Invincible when he arrived at Earth to conquer it. It took the combined might of both Invincible and Atom-Eve to defeat Conquest while leaving Mark critically injured. Unsurprisingly, Conquest returned once again after healing to fight Mark once again. The fight is easily one of the bloodiest fights in the comics as Conquest literally pulled out Mark’s guts but ended up getting killed at the end.

3. Angstrom Levy

Angstrom Levy Featured


Angstrom Levy is the poster child of the dangers that interdimensional travel can offer if it falls into the wrong hands. By traveling through countless dimensions, Levy tried to combine the intelligence of all his duplicates only to be stopped by Invincible that left Levy disfigured. As a result, Angstrom Levy went down the path of vengeance. From kidnapping Mark Grayson’s family to unleashing evil Invincibles from alternate dimensions, Levy became a threat to Invincible like no other villain.

2. Anissa

Invincible Anissa


Easily the most deplorable villain on the roster, Anissa is an accomplished Viltrumite warrior who paved the path for Conquest to conquer Earth. As the Viltrumite race was on the verge of extinction due to the Scourge Virus, the remaining members were tasked to breed with humans to raise their population. However, Anissa refused to have any children with humans, instead, desiring Mark Grayson. As Mark was in love with Atom-Eve, Anissa proceeded to attack Mark and sexually assault him, leaving Mark mentally and emotionally broken for a long time.

1. Thragg

Thragg standing on the stairs in Invincible comics


The Grand Regent of Viltrum, Thragg is easily the most powerful character in the series. To his credentials, Thragg managed to defeat Battle Beast, a near unkillable creature who had left Mark on the verge of death. Having single-handedly raised the Viltrumite race to become unstoppable conquerors, Thragg is a force of nature. A merciless warrior and a charismatic leader, Thragg is expected to stay for multiple seasons as the showrunners will develop him as the main antagonist of the series.


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