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Invincible Star Steven Yeun Officially Joins Thunderbolts, Set to Make MCU Appearance as Fans Convinced the Walking Dead Actor Is Playing Sentry

Invincible Star Steven Yeun Officially Joins Thunderbolts, Set to Make MCU Appearance as Fans Convinced the Walking Dead Actor Is Playing Sentry

With the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun, and it is reported that Marvel is now preparing for Thunderbolts. Major information such as the plot detail still remains a mystery, but the movie is speculated to be about assembling an anti-hero with some old Marvel villains for a mission led by the Winter Soldier.

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Steven Yeun

The cast of Thunderbolts is full of big names such as Sebastian Stan, Florence Pugh, Ayo Edebiri, Hannah John-Kamen, Olga Krylenko, and many more; and recently it is confirmed that Steven Yeun would join the cast. 

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MCU’s Thunderbolts Adds Steven Yeun to Cast

It has been stated by Deadline that Steven Yeun will be joining Thunderbolts and he will be playing a major role in the movie as well as in the future of the MCU. In spite of confirming that The Walking Dead actor would join the cast, his role was not revealed despite the movie being full of our favorite villains and anti-heroes from the Marvel comics. 

Steven Yeun may portray Sentry in Thunderbolts
Sentry in Marvel Comics

The Mayhem actor’s popularity is rising and he has worked in some of the most successful movies and TV series, playing a major role in each one of them. Since the actor is so popular, it can be assumed that he would play a major role in the movie and would appear in future movies as well. Moreover, the antagonist of Thunderbolts is not yet revealed, and reports say that the actor would play Sentry, a Superman-like character struggling with his alter-ego, the Void. 

Sentry is an immensely popular comic book character because of his abilities and is considered one of the most powerful and complex characters with a remarkable origin story. It might be possible that Steven Yeun’s Sentry will show up in the upcoming Avengers movies as an ally.

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Is Steven Yeun the Right Actor to Portray Sentry?

Steven Yeun is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood who moved to Chicago to pursue a career in acting and started his career through stage productions. Yeun’s effort soon became a reality in 2010 when he was cast as Glenn Rhee in the renowned AMC TV series The Walking Dead. The actor’s portrayal of the character was loved by the viewers and the critics showered him with praise. Yeun played the role of Glenn Rhee till the seventh season of the show when his character was killed. 

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Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun’s career soared as he appeared in a number of films and TV series. He was also part of the 2018 Korean film, Burning which was nominated as the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards. He has also given his voice to some animated series such as Voltron: Legendary Defender, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia, and Invincible. Recently, the actor was also nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the critically acclaimed film Minari. 

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Thunderbolts is set to release in theaters on July 26, 2024.

Source: Deadline

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