After Self-Nominating Himself for an MCU Reboot, Iron Fist Star Finn Jones Wants Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing in Shang-Chi Sequel

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Iron Fist star Finn Jones is hopeful to see co-star Jessica Henwick be a potential addition in the Shang-Chi sequel. Both Jones and Henwick starred in the aforementioned Netflix show, known and recognized for its notorious critical reception. In recent months, Marvel Studios has constantly surprised fans with different endeavors to be excited about. The Daredevil MCU reboot is one such example that thrilled the fans beyond comprehension.

Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing
Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing

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Daredevil was a show that was a part of the plethora of Netflix series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the Charlie Cox-led premise getting its MCU reboot which is set to release on Disney+, fans were wondering whether or not other characters from the Netflix-Marvel pantheon would see a return to the acclaimed franchise.


Finn Jones himself has affirmed that he would love to make a return to the MCU to reprise his role as Danny Rand/Iron Fist and further explore areas of growth. However, he also believes that co-star Jessica Henwick’s depiction of Colleen Wing should be brought back in Shang-Chi 2. He wishes to see a continuation of Colleen’s character arc that was promptly cut short.

Iron Fist’s Colleen Wing In Shang-Chi 2?

Will Iron Fist stars make their return to MCU?
Finn Jones wants Colleen Wing to appear in Shang-Chi 2

In an interview with, Finn Jones revealed how intriguing it would be to see co-star Jessica Henwick reprise her role from Netflix’s DefendersVerse and establish herself into the MCU canon much like Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have. Furthermore, he stressed that a return in Shang-Chi 2 would enable the actress to properly continue the character arc that fans did not get to witness owing to Iron Fist‘s cancelation in 2018.

Following is what The Defenders alum had to say:


It would be nice to see Colleen come back and still have that Iron Fist as well. I think it would be cool if she showed up in Shang-Chi and still had the Iron Fist. There’s so much possibility that you can do with this from where we left off for season two.”

Jessica Henwick, too, has attested to her love for Colleen. Previously, the Iron Fist actress was offered the role of the titular hero’s sister, Xu Xialing in Shang-Chi. However, The Matrix Resurrections alum turned it down as she did not wish to give up on her DefendersVerse character so quickly.

Jessica Henwick
Jessica Henwick played Colleen Wing in Iron Fist

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Taking up the Shang-Chi role would mean “putting Colleen to bed.” Jessica Henwick also affirmed that if given the chance, she would love to revisit her character.


Will Iron Fist Get A Potential MCU Reboot?

Daredevil: Born Again has ignited the hopes and aspirations of the fans of the DefendersVerse. As more characters from the Netflix-Marvel assortment make their MCU appearances, fans yearn to see Danny Rand return to the franchise. If that ever does happen, it would be preferable for Marvel Studios to not repeat the mistakes that plagued the 2017 show.

Marvel's Iron Fist
Marvel’s Iron Fist

The return of Danny Rand does not seem entirely too slim. In the comics, Iron Fist has been involved with several groups, such as Thunderbolts and Heroes For Hire. While recently, actor Finn Jones attested to how he would love to see Iron Fist get rebooted in the MCU in a Heroes for Hire-esque storyline that would feature both Danny Rand and Luke Cage, the fact that Thunderbolts is also under-way opens up new possibilities for Finn Jones’ character.

While the character is obviously not present in the official anti-hero/villain’s ragtag ensemble, the film could sow the seeds for his future arrival. Who knows? With the moves Marvel is making each passing day, it’s entirely possible that the whole of DefendersVerse will see its MCU reboot sooner or later.

The Defenders saw the introduction of Daredevil and Iron Fist.
The Defenders

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Nevertheless, one can only hope that both Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick get to reconnect with their characters pretty soon. At the present, nothing is entirely confirmed. Whether Henwick would mark a return through Shang-Chi 2 is a murky assumption to make as the plot details surrounding the premise remains under the veil of mystery.

Both Iron Fist and Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings are available for streaming on Disney+.


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