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Iron Man: 6 Side Characters, Ranked By Importance

The journey of Tony Stark, or Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has not been an easy one. He has to battle against his corrupt enemies, powerful beings, otherworldly aliens, and of course, himself. But if there’s one thing Tony is, he is more than just a genius or a billionaire – he is a hero who selflessly sacrificed his life and entire career for the salvation of humanity.

But Iron Man was never alone. He had his friends, the Avengers team, and his assistants to aid him in saving the world. Despite him preferring to do things alone, Tony always had these people to back him up. Here’s a list of his best partners and how important they are to him.

6. Harley Keener

Harley Keener iron man

We all remember the kid from Rose Hill, Tennessee who helped Tony when he was badly beaten. Harley played a significant role in the man’s life, bringing Tony back to his senses. In return, he became the kid’s inspiration all throughout the years. Seeing him show up at Tony’s funeral only shows how much he looks up to him.

5. Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan iron man

As Tony’s personal driver and bodyguard, Happy has been in his service for years. He may not have special powers or credentials but he is the guy who is always there to protect him. When Tony returned after his abduction in the first Iron Man movie, Happy was the one who welcomed him. When Tony was not available to watch over Peter Parker, Happy took his place and fulfilled the job.

4. Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson

Agent Coulson is a very important member of the SHIELD as well as the Avengers team. He has worked with Tony Stark a couple of times in the past, letting him on classified information and projects. More accurately, Coulson became the official liaison between the Stark Industries and the SHIELD. He was the one responsible that Tony is receiving all the help he needs including allies and protection from the government.

3. James Rhodes

James Rhodes iron man

Also known as War Machine, James Rhodes is Tony’s most trusted soldier and right-hand man. He is in every battle Tony has ever fought and he is certainly his ride-or-die partner. Fighting aside, Rhodey also keeps Tony grounded and tells him if he is being irrational and rash. His new role after Tony’s death will be revealed in the upcoming Disney+ series, Armor Wars.

2. Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts iron man

She is undoubtedly the soul of Stark Industries, a company she runs singlehandedly after Tony appointed her to become the CEO. She is more than just his assistant or lover, but Pepper evolved into someone Tony could rely his life on, especially when she saved him a couple of times wearing an Iron suit.

1. J.A.R.V.I.S.


He is the mind and main control center of everything Stark works on. Tony largely depends on this virtual assistant to oversee his projects, watch over his house and the people he loves, and even provide him answers that he cannot find the solution to. Even before JARVIS became Vision, he has already done a tremendous help in all of Stark’s endeavors.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.